PNTL pledges to ensure peace and stability during the parliamentary election

PNTL pledges to ensure peace and stability during the parliamentary election

PNTL General Commander Henrique da Costa

DILI, 17 april 2023 (TATOLI) – Timorese National Police (PNTL) began a special operation to maintain peace and stability in the country during the parliamentary election.

The special operation was officially launched at the Public Order Battalion (BOP) compound in Dili, on the sidelines of the launch of the PNTL Strategic Plan 2023-2030.

“We have been conducting, since two months ago, special training in preparation for the upcoming parliamentary election,” said PNTL General Commander Henrique da Costa, in Dili, today.

He said PNTL has organized workshops at both national and municipal levels on electoral crimes to ensure a peaceful election in the country.

“I call on all police officers to carry out their duties professionally in accordance with the law and regulations,” Costa said.

He urged all police officers to be disciplined and impartially perform their duties without associating themselves with any particular political party. 

“PNTL commanders must exercise their leadership accordingly to control their members during the election. Ensuring good communication with communities is crucial to our success,” Costa emphasized. 

Deputy Minister of Interior, António Armindo also urged PNTL not to tolerate any criminal acts during the election.

He stressed that the actions of the PNTL will be scrutinized during the election campaigns through to election day: “PNTL commander and officers must ensure their impartiality.”

“PNTL must demonstrate its professionalism to avoid verbal and physical insults against any citizen,” Armindo concluded.

Journalist: Filomeno Martins 

Editor: Nelia Borges


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