Atauru fishing group collects over 42.000 USD from diving activities

Atauru fishing group collects over 42.000 USD from diving activities

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Ataúru, 24 april , 2023 (TATOLI)- A group of fishermen in the municipality of Beloi Ataúru collected more than 42,000 USD in 2017-2023 from diving activities and Sanction damaging the marine protected areas from 2017 to 2023.

Head of Beloi Village, Adão Da Costa Nunes said, Beloi Village has formed seven groups of fishermen to control marine protected areas and protect biodiversity in marine resources consisting of various species of coral and fish.

“We have established rules to protect biodiversity in the sea. These regulations, among others, do not allow anyone to fish in marine protected areas or do not allow communities to damage marine ecosystems and marine species. So anyone who violates the rules will be subject to sanctions by paying a fine of $ 200, $ 500, and $ 1000, “The Head of Beloi Village, Adão Da Costa Nunes told Tatoli , at his office, Ataúru, this Monday.

According to Nunes, there are around 158 groups of fishermen carrying out fishing activities in the Ataúru Sea, but some of them do not understand the rules set by the Authority to protect marine protected areas.

“The 10 groups were sanctioned for violating the rules, therefore they have paid a penalty of about 10,000 USD,Thus, the total revenue collected from diving activities and sanctions for damage to biodiversity from 2017 to 2023 is 42.000 USD,”

Barry’s Place Eco-Loge operational manager, Barry Hinton explained that Barry’s Place Eco-Lodge works closely with local fishing groups and provides snooker goods to support international tourists doing smocking activities around the marine protected area.

“We support the arrival of foreign tourists from all over the world to spend their vacation time doing smocking activities to observe the beautiful biodiversity in the sea,” said Barry.

According to Barry, with his diving activities, they can raise money to help local fishing groups by renting their boats to dive.

“It Depends. Sometimes we raise more than $200 per month it can go up to $2400 in a year. The money we collect from foreign tourists we rent boats from local fishermen for smocking activities,” he said.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá
Editor: Nelia B.


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