Australian study tour team visits XRR to motivate children to develop good reading habits

Australian study tour team visits XRR to motivate children to develop good reading habits

Founder of Alola Foundation, Sword Gusmão. Photo Tatoli/Egas Cristóvão

DILI, 13 june 2023 (TATOLI)- The Australian study tour team, visited Xanana Reading Room (XRR), to observe the reading performance and motivate children to develop good reading habits.

XRR Founder, Cristy Sword Gusmão said the team will visit cultural places to learn about Timorese cultural heritage and history including Timorese people lived experiences.

“We also take an opportunity to visit XRR. This visit to understand XRR programs offered to the Timorese young people and children, so XRR has offered opportunities for the young Timorese to read and share ideas about life and culture ’’ XRR Founder, Cristy Sword Gusmão told a journalist in the XRR office, Lecidere, this Tuesday.

The tour team visits here wishes to know about the subject used to teach the children and which is useful for children’s education and life.

“I am very proud of the XRR teams provided reading activity to inspire children and young people to learn more about science and history and others. I understand that Timorese people lack opportunities for reading and mostly waste time with useless things,’’ She said

An Australian Visitor, Gerard P Lonergan said it is a great opportunity to visit Timor-Leste and especially Xanana Reading Room, to explore the very vital place to support and encourage children to be habitual with reading activities.

“I am very impressed to come to this place to learn about children’s ability of reading. I love to visit East Timor and really want to provide some fundraising to support XRR to provide a reading program to the children,’’ He said

He said each study tour team will have fundraising for donations to support the XRR foundation, it supposed to ensure the program’s sustainability.

“I made monthly fund rising to Alola Foundation and also XRR 2.000 AUD. I hope this small contribution can support the effectiveness of reading activity in XRR,’’ He concludes

Australia Study Tour has donated 150.000 USD for five years and each year provides about 30.000 AUD.

It is known that this tour is composed of 9 Australian Citizens. The Study tour team began in last 2017, as it is a regular visit to visit Timor-Leste; especially visit Alola Foundation, Xanana Reading Room, and other memorable places across Timor-Leste.



Journalist: Jose Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B.



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