MoH and USAID validate Timor-Leste Health Management Information System

MoH and USAID validate Timor-Leste Health Management Information System

Photo Tatoli/Camilo de Sousa

DILI, 25 july 2023 ( TATOLI)– Timor-Leste Ministry of Health and United States Agency International Development (USAID) conduct a two-day Health Management Information System (HMIS) Guideline Validation Workshop on 25 to 26 july 2023 in Timor – Leste.

José Dos Reis Magno, Vice-Minister of Health for Health Institutional Strengthening said the two days workshop will review and validate the Timor-Leste Health Management Information System (TLHIS) reporting forms, covering an array of crucial health sectors such as maternal and child health, nutrition, environmental health, eye care, family health, oral health, tuberculosis, malaria, lab services, family planning, adolescent health, reproductive health, and more. 

“By the conclusion of the workshop, the Activity and the MOH aim to achieve validated TLHIS reporting forms. Looking ahead, the next crucial step will involve updating the TLHIS reporting forms in the TLHIS system, complemented by targeted training for health programs and HMIS officers across national and subnational levels,” said Magno in Hotel Timor, Colmera Dili, on Tuesday

The workshop will empower them with the knowledge and skills to complete TLHIS reporting diligently and efficiently. 

“Stay tuned for more updates as we progress towards our shared goal of improving health outcomes for all,” he concluded 

Previously USAID Mission Director Zema Semunegus, said USAID’s Health System Sustainability activity work with the Ministry of Health and civil society organizations to promote health behaviors in communities, as well as strengthen advocacy to increase access to and utilization of equitable and quality health care.

USAID is committed to working with the MoH to support strengthening the health system with sustainable functioning of health governance and finance, improved health workers ‘ s performance, and improved health behavior and civic engagement.

This two days validation workshop is participated by the Vice-Minister of Health for Health Institutional Strengthening, José Dos Reis Magno, Director of Cabinet Planning, Policy, and Cooperation in Health, Narciso Fernandes, Activity’s Chief of Party, Bhavesh Jain, Head of HMIS department, Afonso Lima Araujo, and representatives from esteemed health programs and development partners like World Health Organization, Partnership for Human Development, World Food Programme, United Nations Population Fund, Marie Stopes International, Maluk Timor, and Menzies Timor-Leste, this promises to be an insightful and productive event. During these engaging sessions, participants will delve into the world of TLHIS online reporting forms, discussing key indicators associated with each form. Their valuable feedback and comments will play a crucial role in ensuring the validity and effectiveness of the TLHIS reporting forms in Timor -Leste


Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Nelia B.


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