Govt plans to implement the local rice subsidy for the public servants

Govt plans to implement the local rice subsidy for the public servants

Rice is unloaded from a cargo hold in Dili. (Image/Antonio Daciparu)

DILI, 21 august 2023 (TATOLI) – The Ministry of Trade and Industry and the National Logistics Center (CLN) plan to implement local rice subsidies for civil servants.

“This increase in subsidies aims to intensify farmers’ efforts to produce local rice in Timor – Leste,” CLN Director Jacinto Paiju told TATOLI at his office in Mandarin, Dili.

The Director explained, by providing these subsidies, MCI will work with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Forestry (MALFF) to facilitate and mobilize farmers to work effectively in increasing local rice products in the country.

Every year Timor Leste always imports more than 40,000 tons of rice from abroad because rice production is still insufficient for national consumption in Timor – Leste.

“The subsidy will motivate and encourage farmers to produce more local rice and then sell it to the government through MCI for distribution to civil servants in Timor – Leste.,”

More than 60,000 civil servants buy imported rice from abroad, this happens because there is not enough local rice. Based on MALFF data, Timor – Leste only produces 86,000 tons of local rice, which is not enough for people to consume.

“The total rice for the national consumption should be 140,000 tons of rice,” he added.

Responding to this situation, CLN, MCI, and MALFF officials will work together to intensify farmers’ efforts by utilizing empty fields for the rice plantation.

“Currently we only use 135,000 hectares for planting the paddy however we will add more fields to reach 186,000 hectares to be able to produce more rice,”


Journalist: Camilio de Sousa
Editor: Nelia B.


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