SoSF and eco-securities’ company distributes 70 pieces of renewable ovens in Aileu municipality

SoSF and eco-securities’ company distributes 70 pieces of renewable ovens in Aileu municipality

AILEU, 29 september 2023 (TATOLI) – Eco-security company and the Secretary of State for Forestry (SoSF) distributed 70 pieces of renewable energy ovens through a community development project in post-administrative of Remexiu, Aileu’s municipality.

Secretary of State Forestry, Fernandino Vieira, said the initiative to distribute renewable energy ovens to the community aimed to reduce the use of firewood and also protect our forest.

“I believe the community will benefit from this renewable energy oven, which can contribute to reducing the use of firewood and also be able to protect our forest across the territory of Timor-Leste, especially in the Aileu municipality,’’ Secretary of State Forestry Fernandino Vieira said in his remarks in Remexiu today.

SoSF expects this distribution activity to expand to other municipalities, as the company will continue to produce and save energy with a total of 200,000 pieces to distribute to all communities across territories for five years.

“I ask the beneficiary not to commercialize this energy-saving oven. You should use it properly, as it is very useful to protect our forest,” the executive asked.

Mr. Veira advised the community to change their bad behavior in selling these items to others and, in the coming days, will get again from the company.

Likewise, The Coordinator of Eco-Securities Company, Celestino Ximenes, said this project is in coordination between Eco-Securities Company and the Timor-Leste government through the secretary of state for the forest to help the community with a project called a renewable energy oven through community development.

“We normally use traditional ovens for cooking, which use a lot of firewood. We raised the idea to produce a renewable energy oven to reduce firewood, and it is also a friendly environment,’’ he stated.

He explained that this project comes with two main initiatives, such as helping each household reduce pollution to ensure people live healthy lives and helping the community reduce illegal firewood cutting and protect Timor-Leste biodiversity.

In this period, three municipalities have benefited from over 500 pieces of renewable oven composed of Dili, Liquiça, and Aileu. So, there are 10 villages that have been selected.

So far, the company has distributed over 500 pieces in Aileu municipalities, composed of two villages: Remexiu post-administrative village Liurai (over 70 pieces) and Maumeta (around 100 pieces), Lekidoe (100 pieces), Paturilau (100 pieces), and Aileu Villa (over 100 pieces).

It is known that Eco-Security is an international company with its main office in Switzerland. This project will produce around 200,000 pieces of renewable-saving ovens and will be distributed to all municipalities across Timor-Leste. This project will be implemented for five years.

Journalist: José Belarmino de Sá

Editor: Rafael Ximenes de A. Belo


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