How do IWPGs promote peace in the world?

How do IWPGs promote peace in the world?

In August, the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) once again united with women worldwide to cultivate the flowers of peace. IWPG began by urging for legislative support of the “Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War” (DPCW) with women leaders. IWPG also continued to promote the annual event, 9th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit. Moreover, they actively conducted the education of women peace lecturers (PLTE). In addition to these activities, they carried on with endeavors such as the ▲Promotion of a culture of peace ▲5th International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting ▲International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting ▲Signing ceremonies for agreements aimed at realizing peace initiatives. They also engaged in active exchange with the media. They met with the representative from OBN Ethiopia and Saudi Arabian journalists to share the status of peace activities and request their support in promoting peace.

Support for the DPCW to institutionalize Peace: The solidarity of women for sustainable peace

IWPG supports the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) as a remedy to overcome the limitations of current international law and bring true peace to humanity. It encourages women worldwide to recognize the gravity of war and actively participate in supporting the legislation of DPCW as a legally binding international law. The DPCW, crafted through the collaboration of 15 international legal experts, is composed of 10 articles and 38 clauses. It encompasses provisions for preventing war, along with substantive content aimed at achieving genuine peace.

Support for DPCW: Ethiopia urges for DPCW

On Aug 22, Global Region 2 held a DPCW Support Campaign in Babile of Somali region and Tulu Gulate woreda, mainly driven by Saba Gebre medhin Hagos, Executive Director of The Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations(NEWA), and 20 members. NEWA is a non-governmental, non-political network organization established in 2003 by a women’s organization that strives to create developmental synergies and a stronger voice advocating for women.
The campaign, taking place from Aug 9 to 12, involved debates on the cause and solution of conflicts within the Ethiopian community, and their impact on people’s lives. The participants said, “DPCW is necessary to solve the conflicts in Ethiopia, and we know that peace can be achieved through this. We will continue to spread the DPCW Support Campaign.”

The 5th International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting

-Various female leaders from all different countries and backgrounds discussing “Innovation and Change in the New Era: the role and future of women”

On Aug 26, Global Region 2 invited female leaders from various backgrounds living in the Republic of Korea, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia and held the 5th International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting online.
The event, held under the theme “Innovation and Change in the New Era: the role and future of women,” was an opportunity for 500 people from 25 countries to come together and discuss specific strategies to establish sustainable peace and ways female leaders can play a practical role.


Peace Lecturer Training Education (PLTE) – Peace that starts from us spreading all around the world


• PLTE in Yangon Branch, Myanmar

Yangon Branch in Myanmar started PTLE lessons every Saturday since Aug 12 with 25 participants.
Kham Yin, Director and Founder of Shan Women Development Network, said, “I am grateful to IWPG for allowing me to participate as a PLTE lecturer. My self-esteem increased by working as a PLTE lecturer, and I learned a lot by reviewing the assignments submitted from students from various areas.
The students reacted positively. Hnin Wah Thein said, “By practicing and applying the methods we have learned through peace education, we can reduce domestic violence and peace can spread to the community.”
Win Win Khaing said, “I’m really thankful to IWPG. Before, I didn’t know how to build a peaceful family. Through today’s lecture, I realized that I must build a family of peace.”

Dissemination of a Culture of Peace -Various activities are being carried out with peace

Mumbai holds Peace Poem Recital Contest in Mumbai

On Aug 4, IWPG 5 held the IWPG Peace Poem Recital Competition on Aug 4 at St. Matthew’s High School & Junior College, located in Mumbai, India, which is one of IWPG’s cooperative countries.
Principal Larzy Varghees and 42 students and teachers participated. 13 of them became new members of IWPG and promised to voluntarily participate in peace work. Paulo, one of the participants, recited a poem on the desire for peace and said, “If all conflict and war come to an end, peace will be achieved around the world. War makes children lose their purity, which is why we must all work to spread peace.

IWPG Peace Activities promoted through Press all around the world -Active Networking with Press

Global Region 2 meets with Gulf Regional Representative of Read Pakistan from Saudi Arabia

On Aug 10, Global Region 2 had an online meeting with Numera Mohsin, journalist and Gulf Regional Representative of Read Pakistan from Saudi Arabia.
Global Region 2 shared information on the peace activities of women all around the world. Both organizations agreed that a paradigm shift is required regarding fundamental issues related to humanity, such as freedom, human rights, and peace.
Numera Mohsin said, “Recently Saudi Arabia has been going through numerous revolutions regarding women’s rights, and the situation is improving. We are trying to change our image, and I’m sure things will improve.”
The group shared their thoughts on women’s organizations within Saudi Arabia and press activities and promised to contribute to the development of peace.

International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting -The Solidarity of Women for Sustainable Peace

• Yangon Branch holds International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting

On Aug 9, Yangon Branch in Myanmar held the International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting at Islam Office with 12 participants. Branch Manager Crystal Po Gyaw (board member, National YWCA) started with her congratulatory remarks, followed by the Branch activity report, finance report, feedback on events, and a peace game.
Operations Manager Yin Yin Mya (executive committee member, Myanmar Psychology Association) said, “The event was great, and through the peace game, we could practice becoming one heart. IWPG’s mission is to raise awareness on peace. The participants promised to participate in IWPG’s peace activities.”



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