Forty patients will soon be sent for medical treatment abroad

Forty patients will soon be sent for medical treatment abroad

Minister of Health, Élia dos Reis Amaral/Image TATOLI/Francisco Sony

DILI, 19 october 2023 (TATOLI) –  Forty patients will soon be sent for intensive medical treatment in hospitals abroad.

They will be sent to hospitals in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Most of them suffer from heart disease and cancer.

Health Minister, Élia dos Reis Amaral, said that these patients should have been sent for medical treatment abroad months earlier, but their journeys were delayed because they didn’t have passports to travel.

Minister Elia said that the 40 patients, including their companions, already have passports and will be leaving soon to have intensive medical treatment abroad.

Minister Elia extended her deepest appreciation to the Ministry of Justice and the relevant parties, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, who worked tirelessly to issue passports for these patients.

Last week, the Director General of Notaries and Civil Registrars at the Ministry of Justice, João Borges, said that patients in urgent need are among the first to receive new passports: “The Ministry of Justice, in collaboration with the Guido Valadares National Hospital (HNGV), has already issued 40 passports for these patients.”

“Patients in need of intensive medical care abroad and their companions are among the priority groups to receive passports from among the 700 passport books that have recently arrived in the country,” he said.

It is expected that, in the very near future, 100 more patients will get their passports to be transferred to foreign hospitals, mainly Indonesian ones.

Previously, the HNGV’s Clinical Director, Marcelino Correia, said that a total of 140 patients needed passports to have medical treatment abroad.


Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Filomeno Martins


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