Timor-Leste Defense Minister attends 10th Beijing Xiangshan Forum

Timor-Leste Defense Minister attends 10th Beijing Xiangshan Forum

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DILI, 06 november 2023 (TATOLI) – Timor-Leste’s Minister of Defence, Donaciano Costa Gomes ‘Pedro Klamar Fuik’, attended the 10th Beijing Xiangshan Forum, from 29 to 31 october, at the International Conference Centre in Beijing, the Capital of China.

More than 200 experts from over 50 countries and regions attended the forum.

The forum aims to implement the concept of a global community of a shared future, as the theme of “Common Security, Lasting Peace” also reflects the core concept of the Global Security Initiative.

During the event, Minister Klamar Fuik touched on: “Security Architecture Today and in the Future”, which focused on the new legal framework for geopolitics in the Asia-Pacific and the nature of the rivalry between the two countries (USA and China).

He also spoke about ASEAN’s contribution to regional security, and ASEAN’s contribution to the ASIA-Pacific security legal framework.

Klamar Fuik said that as a small country with military and commercial interests: “Timor-Leste Security depends on establishing strong relations with our neighbors and friends who share the values of respect and solidarity in order to strengthen the common interest for peace and stability in the region.”

“We realize that our nation-state building process is led by the goal of peace. We believe that if there isn’t a peaceful community and sustainable development, there won’t be stability and peace. Therefore, as a country and as a people, we think that the commitment to be an agent of peace is a strategy to change from fragility to resilience,” said Minister Klamar Fuik in a statement. 

Klamar Fuik also shared Timor-Leste’s foreign policy at the event: “making friends and zero enemies”, prioritizing peace and stability in the region.


Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Filomeno Martins


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