Timorese’s 2024 General State Budget was approved by NP with 43 votes

Timorese’s 2024 General State Budget was approved by NP with 43 votes

DILI, 13 december 2023 (TATOLI) – The National Parliament (NP) this wednesday approved the general decree law of state budget 4/VI(1a) for 2024, amounting to $1,95 billion in the general phase, with 43 votes in favor, against eight (8) and abstention (1), from the result of voting from 52 deputies.

“The result of the approval of the general,” the President of the National Parliament, Maria Fernanda Lay, announced in the plenary meeting of the National Parliament.

Based on the agenda, NP and government members will continue the debate on the state budget for 2024 in specialization for five years, beginning on december 14, 2023.

The special debate will focus on a specific article of proposal law for the state budget in 2024.

On the first day of the state budget 2024 debating season, Prime Minister (PM), Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, presented the law of state budget (OJE) for fiscal year 2024, which reflects investment in the productive sector and social capital.

“We consider and will provide budget; as a strategic plan from the IX government constitution, there are two principal pillars, such as the productive sector and social capital,” he said

According to the Prime Minister, to focus on social issues, we will invest in education, health, inclusion, combating poverty, and environmental protection on land and maritime, able to have a direct impact and improve Timorese life quality for a long period of time.

“State budget 2024, we proposed 1,95 billion USD, and also to respond to the central administration, Special Reagion Oé-Cusse Ambemo (RAEOA) no civic security program, it is not requested to input the Preservative Fund on Social Security. The amount is included in the amount of $1,83 billion for the central administration and $60 million for RAEOA,” he said.

The government also prefers investing in agriculture, fisheries, forestry, tourism, and small and medium businesses to support private entrepreneurs and ensure sustainable income.

“In 2024, the government will propose in three vital sectors to have more sustainable investment in productive infrastructure, with a total amount of $165,6 thousand for energy viable to be accessed by the population,” Xanana explained.

The second is infrastructure investment, with a total budget of $1.335 million to improve economic growth.

The third is petroleum and gas investment, with a total budget of $104,2 to invest in natural resources and promote a sustainable economy.

Thus, the ninth government will establish a refinery and fuel station in the south coast area to store the petrol and gasoline from Greater Sunrise, develop national petroleum investment, and provide job opportunities for the Timorese people.

Therefore, the state budget 2024 has demonstrated that strategic measures are essential in other sectors to achieve economic growth and country development in the long term to have sustainable investment for the new generation.

The nine governments want to open job opportunities for around 50.000 Timorese people during the construction and operation phases of the construction process.

The government will implement the Development Sustainable Plan (PED 2011–2030 in 2024) to positively impact all of Timor-Leste in the upcoming years.

Journalist: José Belarmino de Sá

Editor: Rafael Ximenes de A. Belo


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