PM Gusmão values ASEAN-Japan cooperation principles on 50th submit

PM Gusmão values ASEAN-Japan cooperation principles on 50th submit

Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão

DILI, 18 december 2023 (TATOLI)-Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão addressed the 50th Anniversary Summit of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation as an observer to ASEAN.

“As we reflect on the past five decades of collaborative efforts between ASEAN and Japan, we recognize the transformative power of unity, understanding, and shared aspirations. This commemorative summit stands as a testament to the enduring bonds that have been forged over years of cooperation, promoting peace, stability, and prosperity in our region,” PM Xanana explained in his speech.

As an observer in ASEAN, Timor-Leste is honored to witness and be part of this celebration. Timor-Leste’s journey towards full membership in ASEAN reflects a commitment to regional integration, economic development, and fostering cultural relations.

“We recognize the importance of being an active participant in the dialogue that is shaping the future of our region. Timor-Leste values the principles that ASEAN and Japan have championed over the years: the principles of inclusiveness, mutual respect, commitment to shared prosperity, and the ASEAN Community Vision,” he said.

PM Xanana believes that Timor-Leste is inspired by the achievements of this partnership and hopes to contribute a unique perspective to the shared vision of a harmonious and prosperous Southeast Asia.

Timor-Leste applauds the new direction of cooperation between ASEAN and Japan and looks forward to actively participating and contributing to maintaining peace and stability in the region and enhancing economic and social cooperation with ASEAN and its partners, including Japan.

Despite standing as an observer, Timor-Leste remains committed to deepening its engagement with ASEAN. Timor-Leste’s journey has just begun, and it looks forward to the day when it can contribute more actively to the dialogues and initiatives that define this dynamic region.

Xanana thanked all ASEAN member states and dialog partners for their unwavering support in preparing to join ASEAN in 2025.

“I would like to thank Indonesia for becoming ASEAN chair in 2023 and wish every success to Laos, which will become ASEAN chair in 2024,” he said.

He hoped that this commemorative summit could be a beacon of hope and inspiration for the future of ASEAN-Japan relations. Timor-Leste, as an observer, stands ready to learn, engage, and make meaningful contributions to the common goals that bind the two countries.

Journalist: José Belarmino de Sá

Editor: Rafael Ximenes de A. Belo


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