More than 8,600 apply for school teachers’ jobs

More than 8,600 apply for school teachers’ jobs

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DILI, 12 february 2024 (TATOLI) – The spokesperson for the Minister of Education, Filipe Rodrigues Pereira, said that a total of 8,601 candidates had applied for school teachers’ jobs.

“We have 8,601 candidates, of whom 4,916 are female and 3,685 are male. We’re pleased because there are more female applicants than male ones,” said Pereira.

The announcement of the list of candidates was made due to the collaboration between the Ministry of Education, the Civil Service Commission (CSC), and Local NGO Belun.

Human Resource Director of the Education Ministry, Anita Tavares Ribeiro de Jesus said that the list of candidates who will pass the document selection phase will be announced as soon as the verification is finalized: “These applicants applied for 2,400 posts for preschool and junior high schools.”

CSC President, Agostinho Letêncio said that the result of the document selection would possibly be announced next month.  


Journalist: Osòria Marques

Editor: Cancio Ximenes

Translation: Jose Belarmino de Sa


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