A SONA from a Lover

A SONA from a Lover

Marquita de Jesus Soares

Though I froze

I am still,

I want to see you

Or at least to be near you,

Nor just to take the whole hour just staring,

A face of love and romance…

An endless hour of content.


I won’t let,

If I’d have this chance

To do things I have done.

When I was letting words,

Secrets slipping in my heart,

With me hiding…

Without you hearing

Feeling this away…away alone.

Without you…and it’s unknown.


What is that made me feel

Longing for…

Just after I saw you,

You’ve stolen me…

I was stucked…yet I feel free

It’s a touch on a along

Weary heart

It’s a tap a lowly


A smile of light among my sadness…

A relief amidst an agony…

Sona from a lover





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