Government to give priorities to health and education sectors in the coming years

Government to give priorities to health and education sectors in the coming years

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DILI, 17 may 2024 (TATOLI) – The Prime Minister, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, in his remarks at the 2024 Timor-Leste and Development Partners Meeting (TLDPM), said that the IX Constitutional Government’s priorities for the coming years are health and education.

Gusmão therefore said that the government will improve essential services in both sectors to ensure that the Timorese have access to quality education and good health services in the country.

“In the coming years, total priority will continue to be given to the health and education sectors, to improve these essential public services,” said Prime Minister at the Timor-Leste and Development Partners Meeting, at the Office of the Finance Ministry on friday.

He said that the Government has approved the Integrated Health Plan, combining various health programs into a single plan to provide coordinated and comprehensive primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare across the national territory: “We will create mechanisms to ensure universal health coverage, even in areas where access is more difficult, maximizing efforts and efficiency, transparency, and professionalism in the management of financial, human, material, and logistical resources, as well as health infrastructure and equipment.”

In the education sector, Gusmão said that his government will continue to work to ensure quality education for all children and young people, starting with the evaluation of teachers and the development of a Candidate Pool to fill vacancies and needs based on capacity and merit.

“We have also approved the Draft Law on the Higher Education Framework Law, which, after more than 14 years of the Basic Education Law coming into force, needed an update in light of the current demands and challenges of the country,” said Prime Minister.

He stressed that the training and capacity building of human resources is a necessity and a priority that cuts across all sectors of governance and I know that our Development Partners are aware of this.

“We know that people are the true engine of development, whether in increasing agricultural productivity, promoting tourism, growing entrepreneurship, adopting best practices and policies from infrastructure to the provision of social services, and even modernizing public institutions,” Gusmão added.

He said: “People – supporting people! From combating child malnutrition to improving school menus, from promoting and valuing women in the labor market and within communities to including and protecting the most vulnerable in our society.”

“People are our greatest asset, our greatest potential, our greatest hope for a sustainable future. That’s why, I say, our country also needs another type of major investment beyond Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs), in other words, it needs partnerships for people!” Gusmão concluded.


Journalist: Jose Belarmino de Sa

Editor: Filomeno Martins 


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