U.S. Army and the Timor-Leste Defense Force hold opening ceremony for Dalan ba Dame

U.S. Army and the Timor-Leste Defense Force hold opening ceremony for Dalan ba Dame

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DILI, 11 june 2024 (TATOLI) – The Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) is pleased to announce the commencement of Exercise Dalan ba Dame 2024, a collaborative effort between the United States Army Pacific Command (USARPAC) and the Timor-Leste Defense Force (F-FDTL).

The exercise Dalan ba Dame aims to strengthen bonds and advance peace through joint military cooperation.

F-FDTL Lieutenant General Falur Rate Laek, Chief of Defense, U.S. Embassy Charge D’Affaires Weinstock, USARPAC Deputy Commander Brigadier General Okamura, and soldiers from both nations convened to inaugurate this significant event.

The exercise is tailored to promote tactical interoperability, enhancing readiness and credibility crucial for maintaining peace in the region.

With over 250 participants from both the United States and Timor-Leste engaging in comprehensive training on squad and platoon-level tactics, techniques, and procedures, this initiative embodies the collaborative spirit and  fosters peace and security in the region.

In his address at the opening ceremony, Charge D’Affaires Weinstock emphasized the broader significance of the partnership between the United States and Timor-Leste.

He remarked, “As we embark on this joint exercise, let us recognize the broader context of our partnership, that is, a free and open Indo-Pacific, ensuring the prosperity and security of all nations.”

Weinstock underscored the importance of strengthening collaboration, stating, “By strengthening our cooperation and interoperability, we not only enhance our collective defense capabilities, but we also send a clear message about principles of freedom, openness, and respect for international law.” Weinstock’s words resonated with the overarching mission of Exercise Dalan ba Dame 2024, highlighting the shared commitment to regional peace, security, and prosperity.

The training, scheduled until the end of june, focuses on fundamental soldiering skills such as small unit tactics, land navigation, tactical combat casualty care, and combat engineering. Participants include U.S. Army servicemembers, the Rhode Island Army National Guard, and B Company of the Southern Battalion from the F-FDTL.


Journalist: Camilio de Sousa

Editor: Filomeno Martins


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