TL-Government and Parliament congratulate TATOLI on its 4th anniversary and provides insight and direction for the future

TL-Government and Parliament congratulate TATOLI on its 4th anniversary and provides insight and direction for the future

website of TATOLI.IP, Timor-Leste News Agency (Image/Tatoli)

DILI, July 27 2020 (TATOLI) – The Public Institution TATOLI celebrates its 4th anniversary on July 27 2020. The Minister of Justice (MJ) Manuel Caceres da Costa, acknowledged the work and development of TATOLI.

Minister of Justice, Manuel Caceres da Costa (Image/Tatoli)

“It is good to see TATOLI showcasing its development with the ability to produce news in Tetum, Portuguese and English. I want to congratulate TATOLI and wish them long years of success,” Minister of Justice Manuel Cárceres da Costa said today.

Minister Cárceres asked Tatoli to be firm and impartial as providers of professional state Communications.

“Tatoli should continue to inform of the truth and should impartially identify and assert what is wrong.,” Mr Cárceres said.

 He also recommends that the team conduct self-evaluations and continue to learn and improve, as Tatoli services the public with news and events which occur in Timor-Leste.

Minister of Public Works, Salvador dos Reis Soares Pires extended good wishes to TATOLI for continued prosperity. Similarly, the Director-General of Minister of Social Solidarity and Inclusion (MSSI) Rui Manuel Gago Exposto recognised the accuracy of publications produced by Tatoli.

“Going onward TATOLI needs to continue to bring quality, concise and clear information that is well researched with even further accuracy,” he said.

The President of the Press Council, Virgílio da Silva Guterres said TATOLI as the state news agency, should release information earlier because TATOLI has become a reliable source of communication and detailed reports.

President of National Parliament, Aniceto Guterres Lopez

President of National Parliament Aniceto Guterres said in an interview with Tatoli that “Based on the current social and politic realities, we want media providers to have the freedom and a greater understanding of their responsibilities, by providing an accurate space to obtain information,”

He added that the media has the freedom to critic both social occurrences and political issues alike, but TATOLI should focus their responsibility towards State Issues.

Mr. Guterres congratulated TATOLI on the celebration of its 4th anniversary.

The Cooperative State Secretary (SEKoop) also asked TATOLI to publish useful quality information.

“My suggestion is to maintain your good news corresponding to secure your perception in public and to contribute to the development of social communication,” he said.

TATOLI is the State Media provider for Timor-Leste which has existed since 2015 and was created by the former Prime Minister Rui Maria de Araujo. TATOLI started with only seven journalists who worked with limited materials to help contribute to providing information to the State and Public to assist in the development of the nation, and it has grown since its inception and broadened the types of news which get reported on.

Carmelita Caetano Monis

Member of Parliament Carmelita Caetano Monis has observed Tatoli fulfilling its goals since the beginning and offered,

“My congratulation to TATOLI, since the announcement by the 5th constitutional government which proposed that there needed to be a more quality and more responsible agency to transfer information to the public with quality and credibility, and we see that TATOLI has been filling that spot perfectly,” she said.

The development plan for Tatoli covers many diverse areas. The secretary of Gender Equality (SEII), Maria José da Fonseca Monteiro de Jesus, has also suggested to Tatoli that the focus and priority for their work need to have a connection to gender equality and inclusion.

Nelio Isaac, the former Communication Secretary, challenged Tatoli to compete with international State Media.

 “TATOLI must compete with News Agencies from other countries. We do not have to go too far because we can look at nations where TL has relations such as CPLP or Asia. We shouldn’t just think about the production of online news residents and citizens, but also think of the information that other media from around the world will be taking from us,” he said.

Tatoli has been publishing the issues of national yet TATOLI has not yet covered all the issues from abroad.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MNEC) Adaliza Magno

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MNEC), Adaljiza Magno, asked the Tatoli Agency to cover the information not only inside the country but also outside the country.

“Tatoli needs to provide more news coverage of MNEC’s programs and activities abroad. Tatoli has been covering issues of the nation such as foreign policy, bilateral policy, multilateral and post-COVID diplomacy. However, I see that MNEC’s activities abroad are not covered by TATOLI.

Journalists need to create a dialogue with diplomats living abroad to ask for information on foreign policy. I suggest greater coverage of world events such as those in Palestine, Western Sahara, Geneva and New York, and providing information on topics such as human rights violations and press freedom,” She explained.



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