COVID-19: United State and UNICEF donate 15 items of protective equipment

COVID-19: United State and UNICEF donate 15 items of protective equipment

UNICEF Representative Valeria Tatoon join by U.S Ambassador Kathleen Fitzpatrick deliver the prevention materials (Image/U.S Embassy)

DILI, 29 July 2020 (TATOLI)– The U.S and United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Timor-Leste are donating 15 items of personal protective, and hospital equipment’s to the Health Center in Comoro Dili.

The 15 items including, 12 hand sanitiser, 120 bottles of liquid hand soaps, 300 toilet paper, 30 glass cleaning liquid, 30 waste plastic bags medium, 18 waste plastic bag large, 20 heavy-duty gloves, 10 Rubber boots, five plastic buckets, 3 small rubbish bin, 2 garbage bin with two wheels, 5 bucket mop and other vital materials.

The U.S Ambassador Kathleen Fitzpatrick said the United State is leading the global response for the coronavirus pandemic and has contributed $1.7 million to the country’s responds to COVID-19.

Ms.Fitzpatrick also stated that their partnership with UNICEF has helped to reinforce the project for the prevention and the control of health facilities that will ensure all staff, patients and visitors can manage the virus and germs by washing their hands frequently with soap and water as well as disinfecting surfaces.

“These simple actions are the proven weapons in the war against COVID-19,” Ambassador Kathleen Fitzpatrick said during a ceremony at Comoro Clinic.

Ms Fitzpatrick also praised the Government of TL over the Ministry of Health for being successful in eradicating the virus from the country.

The Ambassador is asking all Timorese to comply with the prevention role, and implementing the practical hygiene by washing hands, maintaining social and physical distances as well as wearing masks.

At the same time the UNICEF Representative, Valérie Taton, asked all Timorese to remain vigilant and they should continue to do prevention due to the virus still being active worldwide.

Journalist: Felicidade Ximenes

Editor : Agapito dos Santos/Nick Kettle

Translation:Nelia Borges


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