Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation donates 70.800 face masks to TL

Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation donates 70.800 face masks to TL

The Donation equipment from Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation arrived in Dili Airport (Image Tatoli/António Gonçalves)

DILI, august 13, 2020 (TATOLI)-The Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation on Wednesday announced a donation of protective equipment to Timor-Leste for the second period as part of their ongoing commitment to aid in the global battle against Covid-19.

Chinese Ambassador to TL, Xiao Jianguo, represent the Company to deliver the support to the Vice Minister of Health Bonifácio Maucoli dos Reis, at SAMES warehouse Kampung-Alor Dili.

” Today the foundations pledged 10.800 million face masks, 60.000 N95 masks, to the Ministry of Health,”Ambassador Xiao Jianguo said.

Mr. Jianguo compromise to continue provide the support to TL specially to fight against global pandemic and economic recovery.

Vice Minister of Health, Bonifácio Maucoli dos Reis, said these facilities will strengthen the work of government to do the propagation toward covid-19.

According to him, this prevention equipment will distribute to all the health individuals include students in all schoolss and the relevant entities who are working at the prevention areas.

” I think the distribution of masks will be done to protect our communities specially to comply with the rules stablished by the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (WHO) in following the social distance, and wearing masks specially for those who are working in the border,” he said.

In spite, on May 26, Alibaba Foundation Jack Ma company, has supplied covid-19 protective equipment which delivered trough the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

The equipment were 130.000 masks, 20.000 hand gloves, 5.000 personal protective equipment, 5.010 face cover, 5.088 test kits, 5.040 purification reagents, 5.000 sample of conservation reagent, 39 thermometer and 10 ventilators.

Since the outbreak of the global health crisis, the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba have jointly donated relief packages to more than 150 countries and regions in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America. The foundations have also set up the Global MediXchange for Combating Covid-19 program to help medical experts around the world share knowledge and best practices in the ongoing fight to contain the disease.

Journalist : Felicidade Ximenes

Editor        : Agapito dos Santos/Nick Kettle

Translation: Nelia Borges


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