Timor-Leste to launch domestic tourism campaign by August and December

Timor-Leste to launch domestic tourism campaign by August and December

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DÍLI, August 28, 2020 (TATOLI) – The USAIDS’s project “Turizmu ba Ema hotu” is cooperating with the Ministry of Tourism and Industry and other tourism companies in Timor-Leste  to launch a Domestic Tourism campaign entitled “ Hau-nia Timor-Leste”, which will be held between August and December of this year.

The campaign aims to encourage all Timorese citizens to become tourists in their own country also inviting local tourists to visit the restaurants and companies linked to tourism.

It also aims to raise awareness among Timorese citizens about the role of tourism and helping the tourist companies to maintain their business and to improve the quality of work in promoting their products.

The Director of Timor-Leste Hotel Association, Tony Jape, recalled that during the COVID-19 restriction, several countries began to bet heavily on the domestic tourism sector to help tourism companies to boost their business and overcome the crisis.

“Timor-Leste should follow this example. Through the tourism domestic campaign, we can create new tourist attractions for all Timorese customers. All municipalities will participate and take advantage of this initiative,”Mr. Jape said.

According to Mr.Jape, if the country takes the opportunity to develop and improve its domestic offer in the context of a crisis, Timor-Leste will be in a great position to compete in the international market.

Still with regard to the Domestic Tourism campaign, it aims to create a wave of national solidarity around tourism companies, fostering the feeling of love in the country over the tourist visitors and, simultaneously, promoting the beauty and charm that offers by the country.

According to him, the campaign will reach out around 1.3 million of people, equivalent to the number of populations in Timor-Leste, through the use of social network by mean of convincing everyone to visit the tourist attraction in every weekend, and helping tourism companies and promoting the circulation of money in the country.

“We promote (hashtag) #HauNiaTimorLeste on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks. The idea is to encourage everyone in Timor-Leste to take photographs, be they selfies or images about gastronomy and adventures to be published in #HauNiaTimorLeste”, he concluded.


Journalist: Nelia Fernandes

Editor: Maria Auxiliadora/Nick Kettle


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