Four Private Universities acquired top grades in their programs

Four Private Universities acquired top grades in their programs

ANAAA Executive Director, Edmundo da Silva Viegas (Image/UNILAB)

DILI, 15 September 2020 (TATOLI)- Four private universities in Timor-Leste have obtained top grades in their schools programs according to evaluation from Timor-Leste National Agency of Evaluation and Academy Accreditation (ANAAA).

The four universities are Dili Institute of Technology (DIT), Professional Institute of Canossa (IPDC), Institute of Business (IOB) and the Catholic Institution for the Formation of Teacher (ICFP).

ANAAA is currently using 10 standards and 108 indicators to determine the university ranking, among them are vision, mission, methods, outcomes, quality, student excellence and the objective of the program/course itself in order to line up with the vision and mission of the institutions.

The Executive Director of ANAAA, Edmundo Viegas said, the evaluation results for the public and private higher education institutions are 14 in totals, but the four mentions institutions are the top-ranking universities with the scores of 70-89 percents, which have fulfilled the requirements given by ANAAA.

Canossa Professional Institute (IPDC), has attained 75-89 percent of grades based on the courses the school has offered which are Administration Management, Technical Computer and Computer Information (IT), these three programs ANAAA has given grades B to two programs while one is C.

While DIT, IOB and ICFP obtained classification less than B or B-, thus ANAAA is making the rapprochement with the three public universities since they have obtained less grades in the classification for school’s programs categories.

Universidade da Páz (Peace university) (UNPAZ), Cristal Superior Institute (ISC), Timor-Leste National University (UNTL) and Religious Institution of Science (ICR) are receiving grades C+ from ANAAA.

Other Universities such as Dili University (UNDIL), Timor-Leste Eastern University (UNITAL) and East Timor Coffee Institution (ETCI) are maintaining C in their grades.

Mr. Viegas said instantly there are none of universities has obtained A scored in ANAAA evaluation programs.

For such a reason ANAAA is planning in conducting more evaluation to these institutions in the next year 2021.

According to Mr.Viegas the evaluations is done after two years, despite the current results are the results from the previous year 2019.

So far, from 105 programs have been existing in the Public and private universities there are 18 courses/programs have obtained grades B, and the rest 76 are C (sufficient) and six are non-accredited programs.

” We classify them into a percent, there are still zero in A grade, B is 18 and C is 76 while 6 are non-accredited,” he said.

In order to get high ranking Mr. Viegas impress all the universities and Institutions to maintain good qualities of education for the students.

“we continue to remind them, to cooperate together, because we cannot work alone, and the culture of quality should come and create from your universities,” he said.


Journalist: Tomé Amado

Editor       : Agapito dos Santos


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