United States of America Embassy provides Journalist training to combat fake news

United States of America Embassy provides Journalist training to combat fake news

USA Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Kathleen Fitzpatrick , President of Timor-Leste Press Union (TLPU), Manuel Pinto and Communication Secretary, Mericio Juvinal Akara (Image Tatoli/Hortencio Sanchez)

Dili, 13 october 2020 (TATOLI): the American Embassy provided Journalists with training for Timorese to combat Fake news and hoaxes.

The commitment of support to the Freedom of Expression from the USA to Timor-Leste begun on May 20, 2020. The idea is to provide support to Timorese Journalists and Communication stakeholders which exist in Timor-Leste, In the ongoing battle of the world press to combat fake news or hoaxes.

The United States of America continues to show its willingness to support Timorese Journalist groups such as the association of journalist, Timor-Leste Press Union (TLPU) and Timor-Leste Journalist Association (AJTL) on how to transmit knowledge from expert’s on how to continue fighting against fake news.

Ambassador of the United States of America Kathleen Fitzpatrick said that the US supports freedom of press and expression in Timor Leste, hence their part in support of Timorese journalist to fight against fake news and hoaxes.

“We are delighted with the training created and delivered by TLPU to the journalists about the fake news. For us in USA freedom of speech and expression is extremely important,” Ambassador Kathleen Fitzpatrick said.

Twenty participants had taken part in the training, from social communication institutions such as Tatoli I.P, SuaraTimor Leste Corporation (STL CORP), Oe-Cusse online post, Timor Post, S.A, RTTL. EP and Loluwairi online.

Ambassador Kathleen promises to keep support up for any kind of activity relating to journalists combating fake and hoax news.

“We will support Timorese journalists to identify hoax and fake news and to analyse and verify the right, factual information.’’ She Said.

Journalist: Hortencio Sanchez

Editor: Francisco Simoes/Nick kettle


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