Government draw up the alteration methods for the state budget introduction

Government draw up the alteration methods for the state budget introduction

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DILI, 21 outubru 2020 (TATOLI)— the 8th Constitutional Government led by the Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak, join by the other members and technical team of every ministry, conduct a fourth retreat to prepare a proposal debate for the State General Budget of 2021 at the Parliament National.

According to the government note, during the retreat, the government members are analyzing the methods alteration for the introduction of the state budget.

The new methods to be implemented are depend on the program, which is first addressed to the state budget expenses presented according to the program and apply the organic classification and economy.

The new form, allows the information to be transmitted correctly about the objective of the budget include the author and the type of expenses.

The budget confers to the program and intention is to keep the transparency and conduct a definition of priority expenses and contributes to the responsibility and control, that the projection is to reach the specific results to the mid and long term (three to five years), include reflection to the working payment that binds the program and government priority, the country development of strategical plan and the objective of the  sustainable development.

“every program must have indicators of the results and the plan for the execution, also every program composed of sub-program along with the short-term results with its activities, that will be realized annually to produce immediate results.,” it says.

Besides the budget based on the program, allows rationalization of public resource with direct co-relation between attribution of fund to determine the expenses and the planning activities.

The lead to the new form is to enhance the responsibility to the goals that will be reached and knowledge of necessary source, become efficiency and efficacy in the measure of principal and fund allocated to complete the concrete objective and quantitative, reduce un necessary  cost,  and increase the transparency, allow the PN and citizens in general to conduct effective evaluation to the results with the objective character from the use of public resource.

Journalist: Antónia Gusmão

Editor: Julia Chatarina/Nick Kettle


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