Three Brazilian returning from Brazil test positive for COVID-19

Three Brazilian returning from Brazil test positive for COVID-19

The General Coordinator of the Covid-19 Nílton do Carmo da Silva

DILI, 24 january, 2021 (TATOLI) – Three Brazilian have recently tested positive for COVID-19 after returning from vocation bring the total cases to 17, The Health Ministry said on Sunday.  

The three patients, a 45 year-old- woman and two men between 16 and 48 years old, the three were having the auto quarantined at Timor Resort Hotel in Dili and were confirmed positive by the COVID-19 team, thus the patients were transferred to Vera Cruz Isolation Center for the treatment.

The Covid-19 MoH Team Coordinator, Nílton do Carmo da Silva, said, the three patients, were traveled from Brazil to Indonesia and arrived in Timor-Leste on january 20.

The three are part of the group of 118 people who entered the country through the Mota-Ain border.

Mr Silva added that the patients were having the self-quarantine together with five other foreign citizens. “The results of the patients were confirmed after the patients were performing the tests on january 22,” Nilton da Silva said.

There have been no cases of community transmission in Timor-Leste; however, just 18,260 people have been tested so far and 319 are still waiting for the results.

Currently 444 people are in the quarantine while 7,382 people have completed their mandatory quarantine.

Since January to date, Timor-Leste has recorded a total of 67 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with zero deaths and 50 recoveries.

Journalist:Felicidade Ximenes

Editor: Cipriano Colo


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