Coronavirus update: Two positive cases is identified in Dili

Coronavirus update: Two positive cases is identified in Dili

The Covid-19 team collecting the swabs of 93 people who have the contact with the seven positives patients in Klauhalek, Belulik Village, administrative post of Fatumean, Covalima Municipality (Image Tatoli/Eugenio Perreira)

DILI, 07 march , 2021 (TATOLI) – Minister of Health (MoH) authority identified two more infections of covid-19 via mass testing conducted at BTN II tasi-tolu, Dili municipality.

The covid-19 crises coordinator, Rui Maria de Araujo said the results of showed  the two patients were positive to covid-19. with regards to tests Government decides to temporarily block all the roads to that directions to limit the people from movement.

The decision was made after the Government decided to close all the roads heading to that area.

“Tonight the Covid-19 crises team has communicated with the authority to temporary close the roads to Tera Santa. The team also requests to the residents to stay at isolated and limit their movements. It is the responsibility of the MoH team to search for those who have the close contact with the patients and to conduct the tests” Coordinator of Covid-19 crises team, Rui Maria De Araujo said in a press conference at Dili Convention Center.

The results of screening mass for residents in BTN II Tasi Tolu shows two residents were infected with the virus.

“The two positive persons are living at the same area with the previous patient from Baucau who is residing at Tasi Tolu. The team has taken the samples from 289 residents in Tasi Tolu BNT II and the result indiates two residents are infected with the virus.” He said

With the new  confirm cases, brings the country’s active cases to 28 with 98 have recovered since the first case was identified on march.

The six positive patients are from Bobonaro municipality while one is from Baucau municipality, the patients are under the treatment at Vera Crus isolation center.

Following the data recorded from the Health Authority, 22.651 have been tested of the number  22.054 showing negative results while 475 is waiting for the result.

Journalist: Antónia Gusmao

Editor: Julia Chatarina


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