Timor-Leste adds nine cases of coronavirus

Timor-Leste adds nine cases of coronavirus

Former Prime Minister, Rui Maria de Araújo. (Image/Egas Cristovão)

DILI, 22 march 2021 (TATOLI) –Timor-Leste recorded nine additional new cases of COVID-19 from Dili and Viqueque municipalities, the Health department said on Monday.

This is for the ninth consecutive day that the state is reporting total of 211 new cases, however it has risen from 206 infections on Sunday. The day also reportedly 4 patients getting discharged after recovery.

The Coordinator for the Prevention and Mitigation of the Covid-19 Outbreak in Timor-Leste at the Integrated Crisis Management Center (CIGC), Rui de Araújo said, among the cases, two are men and seven are women with two are eight and 11 years old and others between 19 and 42.

“There were 656 laboratory tests have been carried out yesterday, while 429 were ahead on march 19 to 22,” Araújo said at CCD.

Of the four new cases in Dili, one infected person is a student from UNPAZ university, lives in the area of Anin fuik, Kampung Alor village.

The student was identified positive on performing the test to obtain authorization to leave Dili for the Municipality of Covalima. While two cases were identified at Bidau Tokobaru 2, Kuluhun village, related to the previous infection of the same outbreak reported yesterday.

There is one more case in 20 de Setembro, Bebonuk Village link to the oubreak coming from the same village.

The total cases in Dili rises to 183 since the oubreak begun on march 7 with 35 clusters in Dili.

Viqueque Municipality 

Viqueque Health Authority reports four new cases. The infected people live in the Mamaluk, Karaubalu village. These cases are the origin of a health professional who took a post-employment course at the National University Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL) and traveled to Viqueque on march 8. With regards to the new cases, the number of infections rise to 8.

Lospalos, Lautem municipality 

The new case registered in the municipality of Lautém is a student from the UNITAL University. The student lives in the village of Reisoru, Home, in Lospalos city. However, in Dili, he lives in Bedois, Camea village. He traveled from Dili to Lautem on march 18. thus with regards to the new infection, Lospalos records one new case of covid-19.

With regards to the number of active cases that continue to rise MoH  reiterated its appeal to the entire populations across the country to ensure that they comply with covid-19 protocol.

Journalist: Maria Auxiliadora

Editor: Zezito Silva


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