Corona virus updates: Authority reports 21 new infections

Corona virus updates: Authority reports 21 new infections

DILI, 24 march 2021 (TATOLI)— Covid-19 crisis center reports 21 additional covid-19 infections from Dili and Baucau, brings the total cases to 247.

“New cases are 21 with one recovery patient and current active cases is 247.  Of the new cases e11 are women and ten are men however four of them are symptomatic while the rest are asymptomatic,” Coordinator of Covid crisis team, Rui Araújo said during the press conference at the Dili Convention Center (CCD) today.

Between the new cases, three cases were from Bidau Mota Klaran, Bidau Santa Ana village, Administrative post of Cristo Rei. These three cases are linked to the cluster from the same place reported yesterday.

Seven positive cases from 20 Septembru, Bebonuk village, link to the cluster from  of 20 septembru Bebonuk.

Another four cases were identified from Sagrada Familia, Bidau Santana Village, were linked to the cluster at Bidau Toko Baru II.

Two positive cases were identified from Because Sentru, Becora village, were related to the cluster from 20 Septembro and a cluster from HNGV.

Another positive case was detected at the Hotel Ramelau quarantine site.  The infected person live in the area of Ramelau Dili, and the authority is searching for person close contact.

One positive case is detected in 30 Agostu, Comoro village, the case was identified through sentinel surveillance at the Comoro Health Center.  The authority is searching for the related cluster for this case.

While one case is confirmed in Metin I, Comoro village, is the contact of a cluster at 20 Septembru.

The authority also identified one case in 02, Fatuhada village, the infected person was identified through the sentinel surveillance at the Comoro Health Center.

“With the total cases, CGIC register since march 7 to 24 total of 217 active cases and 42 clusters,” in Dili,” Rui Maria de Araújo said.

Baucau Covid-19 evolution

Today the Authority reports one new case in Baucau, is the contact of the case in Buile, Babu Village Baucau Municipality.

With regards to the new case, Baucau registers 20 active cases and 7 clusters linked to march 2 to 24, local transmission.

Journalist: Felicidade Ximenes

Editor: Cipriano Colo


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