Timor-Leste adds 22 cases of corona virus

Timor-Leste adds 22 cases of corona virus

DILI, 25 march, 2021 (TATOLI) – The Integrated Crisis Management Center (CIGC) reports 21 active cases of covid-19 in Dili and one in Covalima, bring the total cases to 257. 

However the CIGG also announced 12 recoveries, four of which from Fatumean,  Covalima Municipality, one from Bebonuk,  three from BTN II and four from the State Secretariat for Vocational Training and Employment (SEFOPE) .

The CIGC Coordinator, Rui de Araújo, said among the 21 cases, seven were detected when they performed the test before traveling abroad. The infected people reside in Becora the same area where the previous outbreak was identified.

“These people intended to travel abroad, but their results are positives and are currently under the isolation,” Araújo said during the virtual conference at Dili Convention Center.

At the same time, authority confirmed another two cases in the administrative post of Dom Aleixo, Dili. However, nine infections also identified in the administrative posts of Dom Aleixo and Cristo-Rei. They are contacts of the outbreaks from similar areas.

Authority also identified another two cases via sentinel surveillance. Of the cases, one lives in Santa Cruz, Administrative post of Nain Feto while the other one is living in 30 de Agosto, Comoro village, Administrative post of Dom Aleixo, With one case was identified in  Taibessi.

Araújo said Dili health authority has been recorded since march 7 until now 238 active cases with 48 outbreaks.

He added that, besides the Covalima Authority also identified one case, the infected patient is a 13-year-old from Beleo, Suai city, Covalima municipality.

Of the total number of new infections today, 17 are men and five are women.

Journalist: Felicidade Ximens

Editor: Cipriano Colo



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