XANANA confirms a notification from the GPR to be a witness of his party members

XANANA confirms a notification from the GPR to be a witness of his party members

DILI, 29 march, 2021 (TATOLI) – The President of the National Congress Party for Timor-Leste Reconstruction (CNRT), Kay Rala Xanan Gusmão, made his first appearance at the office of the General Republic Prosecutor’s at 08.50 am.  to give the evidence on behalf of the CNRT party members, regarding the issue reported by the General Secretary of FRETILIN.

Gusmão was notified by the Public Prosecutor office, related to issues reported by the general secretary of of the   Revolutionary Front of Independent Timor-Leste (FRETILIN) party, Mari Alkatiri against members of the CNRT party in the national parliament as well as other issues regarding the elegance of the national political commission.

Alkatiri had made the detailed statements regarding the three complaints made to the Public Prosecutor’s Office against MPs from the National Congress of Timor-Leste Reconstruction (CNRT) party, on January 18.

However January 7, Alkatiri, filed a complaint to the Public Prosecution Service (MP) about the accusations made to members of the National Political Commission (CPN) of the National Congress of Timorese Reconstruction (CNRT) of having received money as a bribe to favor the oil company ConocoPhillips.

It is recalled that, the member of the CPN-CNRT had announced, at a press conference, and published in several newspapers the alleged involvement of the former Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri, in a case of bribe to the oil company ConocoPhillips. Mari Alkatiri was accused by the fourth individual of having been involved in the death of the Nicolau Lobato in 1978.

According to the company documents Oceanic Exploration, Mari Alkatiri was accused of receiving a bribe from the ConocoPhillips firm in the amount of about 2.5 million US dollars.

November 6, Alkatiri filed a complaint to the office of Public Prosecutor Service against 21 CNRT deputies, who were accusing him of being involved in a case of bribery to the ConocoPhillips oil Company, which is according to him was not based on facts. He therefore reported the case to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Following the observation from Tatoli Journalist, The CNRT party leader, Gusmão was closely guarded by the  Dili Commander Police  and The Body Security Police ( Corpo Segunraça Policia (CSP)).

The CNRT proponents were presented at the outside of the PGC building, wearing white T-shirt express solidarity to support Gusmão.


Journalist   : Nelson de Sousa/Eugénio Pereira

Editor         : Francisco Simões


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