UPDATED: over 21 people dead after flood flash in Timor-Leste

UPDATED: over 21 people dead after flood flash in Timor-Leste

DILI, 05 april 2021 (TATOLI)- At least 21 people have been confirmed dead while the others remain missing on Sunday after torrential rains that caused several multiple disasters in  in Timor-Leste.

Following the temporary data reports from Timor-Leste Natural Disaster Risk Management, most of the fatalities were from the municipality of Ainaro, compose of seven (7) years child.

In Same municipality, two men were killed due to the falling trees while in Maubisse municipality authority confirmed five people within a family died during the flood. Of the five, two death have been found, composed of mother and a seven-months baby while the three others compose of father and two children remain missing.

In Dili at least 13 people were reported killed. In the area of Kampung Merdeka Comoro composed of two children with two adults, in Comoro moris Foun Area composed of one child and two adults but the child remain missing.

Bee-duku two adults and one child were confirmed death, while in Hera a mother and a four-year-old child have also confirmed death.

At the same time authority confirmed one member of the police died in Manleu river.

Most of the deaths reported by the local officials were due to drowning, falling trees and landslide.

Total of 2,065 households across five municipalities have been affected by the disasters. such as Viquque, Covalima, Baucau, Manufahi, Bobonaro, and Oe-Cusse.

More than 1.579 families in Dili were also forced to evacuate to the eleven safer places. Such as Dom Bosco Comoro, the office of SEPS, Ministry of Social Solidarity and Inclusion office, Timor-Leste Red Cross place, Liceu, Infordepe Balide, St Sebastian Church Bidau, Salesian Boarding house Balide, Radio Lorosa’e Sereja and São João Paulo II and Ministry of Finance Hall aitarak laran.

The disaster team from the entire municipalities are conducting the survey process to provide the first batch of the emergency supports such as foods to the victims  as well as the provided the second support to the victims whose houses were totally destroyed, a support of home recovery supports.


Journalist       : Nelson de Sousa

Editor             : Francisco Simões


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