Indonesia – MAF offer Coconut revitalization training for the young Timorese farmers

Indonesia – MAF offer Coconut revitalization training for the  young Timorese farmers

(Image Tatoli/Natalino Costa)

DILI, 31 may 2021 (TATOLI) – The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Timor Leste has coordinated with The Minister of Agriculture and Fishery (MAF) to provide online training for the revitalization of the coconut to the young farmers in Timor-Leste.

“Today Indonesia Embassy and the MAF offered a training about coconut cultivating, science and technology shearing by the Balai Penelitian tanaman Palma (BalitPalma) for the young farmers to revitalize the coconut in a 100 hectares land in Viqueque to become a form of integrated agriculture,” The National Director of Agro-Trade and cooperation of private sectors, Fernando Amaral, told Tatoli at the Embassy of Indonesia, Farol Dili.

The training engaged mostly by 20 participants who are also agriculture alumni from Arava International Center for Agricultural Training (AICAT) Israel.

“There are 20 participants taken part in the virtual training composed of Timorese students who have being taken agriculture degree in Israel,” he said.

He added that, during the training, the expert is focused on how to prepare the spots for growing the coconut, the cultivation process, assist its growing process, care of coconut palm trees, also focus on coconut industry, how to produce it into oil and soap. 

The Ambassador of Indonesia to Timor-Leste, Shat Sitorus said this training is part of coconut revitalization because we know that in Timor-Leste there are many potential areas for growing the coconut.

Thus, the training is an opportunity for the Timorese farmer to promote and develop the coconuts farm from the time they grow, the sellers to the buyer.

“This is the first online training and this training will continue, we will bring more experts from Indonesia Manado to give the training to the Farmers because this program will be an annual program,” he said.


Journalist: Natalino Costa 

Editor: Julia Chatarina


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