The United States and USAID agree to continue offering tour operator training to local Timorese

The United States and USAID agree to continue offering tour operator training to local Timorese


DILI, 12 june, 2021 (TATOL) – The United States (US) and it is International Development (USAID) agree to continue provided training for the tour operator to preserved and develop tourism sectors in Timor Leste.

“United State for International Development Agency (USAID) has provided maximal support for developing tourism in Timor-Leste. The supports including Tourism training and financial support. The tourism training is given to tourism operators to further development in the tourism sector in Timor Leste,” Ambassador Blackstone told Tatoli at CIMC room, at Kaikoli, this Friday.

USAID is promoting the tourism sector as Atauro Island for the program of “Ha’u Nia Timor Leste”, it saves for tourism program during the covid-19, and invite people to climb up the Manu COCO mountain in Atauro island.

“It is the day to promote the domestic visitor to visit the tourism site and even for other places as possible during the covid-19. USAID has provided training for local authorities to develop and promote tourism sites at the domestic level,”Mr Blackstone said.

Ambassador Blackstone considers Timor Leste is potentially for tourism sites, adding that It is most important to cooperate with the Minister of Tourism to reconstruct the sites that have been destroyed by floods.

“It was positive resulted from the discussion between Minister of Tourism, Trade and Industry, (MTTI) and the US on how to promoting and developing tourism sector during the pandemic situation, it is also a point of helping the Government to contribute for the economy in this country. ” He said.

Currently, The US through The USAID is provided pubic partnership aims of preserving tourism sites around Timor Leste but at the same time he said, the focus of the US is also on the Pandemic covid-19 and how to help the Timor Leste government to recovery from this situation.


Journalist: Jose Belarmino De Sa 

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario



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