Timor-Leste’s new ambassadors-designate, commence a 1-week induction course: MNEC

Timor-Leste’s new ambassadors-designate, commence a 1-week induction course: MNEC

The MNEC’ staff during the flag’s raising every monday at Praia dos Coqueiros, Dili. Image TATOLI//MNEC

DILI, 28 june 2021 (TATOLI) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MNEC), today commence a 1-week induction course for Timor-Leste’s 13 new ambassadors-designate, before departing to their prospective destination countries.

The 7-day induction course would take place at MNEC’s hall from june 28 to july 6, this year.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MNEK), Adaljiza Albertina Xavier Reis Magno said the induction course was important for the new ambassadors to know MNEC’s priority program: “Through induction course, MNEC shares its priority program with the new ambassadors designate to be implemented when carrying out their diplomatic mission in foreign countries.”

“We know that the impact of coronavirus pandemic on Covid-19 is clear.  And Timor-Leste had been experienced an economic downturn since the outbreak in the country. Thus, the main priority of MNEC’s program is focusing on economic recovery. One of the most important agenda for these new ambassadors is to convince and invite foreign investors to invest in Timor-Leste to diversify our economy,” Magno told reporters after the launching of the induction course at MNEC’s office, in Dili, today.

She said the new ambassadors also would strengthen Timor-Leste’s multilateral cooperation with the destination countries, where they would carry out their diplomatic mission.

Mago said the majority of the designated ambassadors were former ambassadors, saying, therefore, they have enough experience to perform their diplomatic mission abroad.

The 13 Timor-Leste’s new ambassadors would be carried out their foreign mission in a number of different countries, including the United States, Switzerland, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, Myanmar, and Mozambique.

In addition, the President of the Republic, Francisco Guterres Lú Olo, approved the list of 13 newly appointed ambassadors on june 11 this year.

Journalist: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Rafy Belo


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