SPDDF gets support from EU funds for training agriculture and land conservation

SPDDF gets support from EU funds for training agriculture and land conservation

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DILI, 19 july 2021 (TATOLI) – The São Paulo Foundation of the Diocese  of Dili (SPFDD) obtained support from the European Union (EU) for the training program for young people and the population in the area of ​​agriculture and land conservation.

The coordinator of the SPFDD, Agusto Martins, explained that the foundation has been offering training for young people since 2019, including the population in this area, which aims to develop the economy.

“The place is on the mountainside. When the rain arrives, there are torrents of water that carry all the leaves to the river and the sea. So, it is necessary for the population and teach the technician to take care of the leaves and growing corn and vegetables,” he told TATOLI, on saturday, on Radio Timor Kmanek.

The priest explained that the leaves of trees absorb water into the soil and the soil remains moist and the leaves still rot for the compost. The priest said that the forest is losing its beauty in Dare, as there were many trees in that place.

The president underlined that the SPFDD provides training in the technical area of ​​caring for the leaves of trees to transform them into organic fertilizer. Martins stressed that young people and the population are now able to sell the result of training and work such as vegetables and organic fertilizer.

The official recalled that the population had to burn the leaves of trees, but after training, they have been taking care of the leaves for organic fertilizer.

Martins said that the participants learn the technique of caring for the leaves of trees to conserve the land, because the location is mountainous. The priest said that the program has its sustainability, but many young people do not face the agricultural life well.

“For now, the middle-aged population participates in training, the number of young people is lower. Young people think that agricultural life is terrible. They get dirty and have no quality of life. But the result shows that program participants are selling the result as vegetables and organic fertilizers to sustain life”, he described.

The foundation cooperates with the local organization Raibia to provide sustainable technical training for the population, the project is called Reforestation of Dare. The priest said that students participate in training to create cultivation in schools and homes for the school lunch program.

The official stressed that EU support for training young people in the area of ​​reforestation and water conservation, agriculture and eco-tourism was the first time that the European Union gave the church confidence to manage the training.

The program is focused on the Dare suco area consisting of ten villages such as Kasnafa, Lemorana, Lalau among others. The total beneficiaries are more than 50 people, including the seminars of Balide, Maloa and Fatumeta, students from various universities. The training for 30 young people is still continuing. The European Union has offered €625.000 of which ten percent of the fund is from the SPFDD for the youth skills training program since 2019 and will end in 2022.

 Journalist: José Belarmino de Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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