UNDP offers project assets to MAF

UNDP offers project assets to MAF

DILI, July 22, 2021 (TATOLI)- United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hands over project assets to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery (MAF) to support program implementation of conservation mangrove Management.

The Assets vocal point of UNDP, Ms. Lazima Onta Bahatta said that the UNDP assets team has been working hard for this program implementation for the mangrove conservation program for many years. UNDP is a partnership with the Timor-Leste government working closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery.

“UNDP is in longstanding commitment to support MAF and handover project assets, it is to ensure the intensification of program operation in the fields. The operation equipment composed of three of vehicles, seven of motor bike, six of desktop computers, 12 laptops, two of printing, two drones, eight GPS, three cameras, one projector and two of EPI,” The UNDP assets vocal point, Lazima Onta Bahatta, told to TATOLI Agency at UN house, this wednesday.

She added that UNDP is provided financial support from Global Environment Facility to support this program with the amount of $7 million.  The fund provided for this assets project is $179 thousand.

The General Director of the Minister of Agriculture and Fishery, Raimundu Mau thanked the UNDP for partnership for resilience on conservation of mangrove in coastal areas.

Since the partner in seven years, this program has been implemented in 11 municipalities, with the objective to protect and keep conserve the coastal areas with reforestation of mangrove and other natures.

This program currently shows positive impact for the mangroves conservation in coastal resilience areas in Timor Leste. It is part of promoting the resilience of the ecosystem of tourism.

Mr. Mau said that MAF is adapted for the new organic policy and established the national direction, implemented in January 2021. This national institution is protected and controlled for mangrove and other natural resources in coastal areas around Timor-Leste.

The use of assets can be managed for mangrove program management to ensure the mangrove is well protected on conservation.

The support offered by UNDP is to help our staff working on this program, all materials will be registered for the government patrimonial department and used for government’s working operation needs.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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