Atabae’s farmers complain as unpeeled rice prices drop

Atabae’s farmers complain as unpeeled rice prices drop

DILI, 02 august 2021 (TATOLI) – The paddy farmers in Aidabaleten and Rairobo villages of the Atabae Administrative Post, in Bobonaro municipality call for help as the price of unpeeled rice, dropped from US$ 0.45 to US$0.35 per kg.

Florentino Hale-Bau Tavares informed that so far their unpeeled rice had been sold to local companies and Farmer’s Service Center of Bobonaro Kuda-Ulun (CAACUB) with US$0.45, saying the price dropped to US$0.35 during the Covid-19.

“We do concern with the current price of the unpeeled rice in the market, as it was US$ 0.45 per kg. But now, it has dropped to only US$ 0.35 per kg during the state of emergency,” Tavares told TATOLI, in Atabae, on Monday.

The farmers demanded the government to issue a circular letter to warn the companies to avoid manipulate the price of the unpeeled rice.

“During the state of emergency, despite the current price, we have no choice but to sell the rice to sustain our daily life. Rice is our only source of income. The money would be used for the necessity of the family and also to pay the school fees of the kids. If the government decided to buy our rice, then I can assure you that we don’t need to import rice from Vietnam,” said Tavares.

In addition, Martina Maia de Jesus called on local authorities to remind the community members to not abandon their animals: “I want the Chief of the village to control those communities who abandon their cows to destroy the paddy fields of others.”

Maia said it takes three months to grow rice, saying paddy farmers grow paddy twice a year, using a species known as Nakroman.

Journalist : Sergio da Cruz

Editor : Ciprinao Colo

Translator : Filomeno Martins

Editor : Nelia Borges Rosario


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