Lockdown: Police warn motorists on non-essential journeys

Lockdown: Police warn motorists on non-essential journeys

DILI, 30 august 2021 (TATOLI) – A police checkpoint set up on the Comoro-Roundabout has seen drivers turned back or warned for breaking mandatory confinement (lockdown) restrictions.

Second-Commander of the Dili Municipal Police (PNTL), João S. Pires informed that motorists were questioned today, with many found to have traveled for “non-essential” purposes. “Of those motorists, 12 were seized for having no essential travel documents, including driving license, registration numbers, and so on.

At the checkpoint, Commander Pires said police were operating in four locations in Dili, including at Comoro-Roundabout: “Today’s checkpoint is to ensure citizens are complying with the regulations of the mandatory confinement. So, we start with educating the communities regarding the threat of the Delta variant, then a warning to the motorists who are traveling for non-essential purposes and infringements if necessary.”

“Citizens are allowed only to go and shopping for essential items, such as medicines, food, and buying electricity prepaid bills, etc. For citizens, shops and street vendors that breach the mandatory confinement would be warned and forced to follow the regulations,” said Pires.

During the mandatory confinement, police would carry out operations twice a day – morning and afternoon.

“I call on those Chinese shops that keeping selling the non-essential items to close their shops from today. They are only permitted to sell the necessities. If they keep doing so, then they will be arrested and subjected to the legal process,” stressed Pires.

At the same place, the Chief Superintendent of the Special Police Unit (UEP), Orlando Gomes informed that UEP would keep backing up the Dili Municipal Police’s operation and checkpoint to ensure citizens obeying the regulations.

“It is important to limit the movement of the citizens to make sure they obey the rules of the 7-day mandatory confinement, to combat Covid-19, particularly Delta variant,” said Gomes.

Last week (25/08), through the meeting of the Council of Ministers, the government decided to re-impose the mandatory confinement in capital Dili amid concern that the Delta variant might have spread in capital Dili.

The re-imposition of the one-week mandatory confinement (lockdown) in the Municipality of Dili was set to start from August 27th to September 2nd, 2021. Lockdown is a measure that requires people to stay at home. This measure covers all citizens of the city of Dili, including those who have been fully vaccinated.


Journalist: Filomeno Martins 

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario


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