Indonesia Education Institution holds an online graduation ceremony for 21 Timorese

Indonesia Education Institution holds an online graduation ceremony for 21 Timorese

DILI, 16 september, 2021 (TATOLI)- The Indonesian Educational Institution for labor training and professional development organized an online graduation ceremony to 21 Timorese at the Indonesia Culture Center (CCI) Dili today.

The graduates are taking different courses, accounting, business management, Computer technology, hospitality, Operation and Management, administration, and public relations.

The ceremony was organized by the Education and Culture attaché from the Embassy of Indonesia, Achmad David Syah.

“I believe the graduates have learned and gained more knowledge for over two years including three months of theory and seven months of practice. I am sure that they have enough capacity for life skills. All graduated are capable of any job opportunity with the skills that they have after graduation”, Mr. Syah in his remarks at the CCI Dili today.

Business management graduated, Milenia Hanna Lopes Sarmento said that she is proud that she can conclude her study in the business management area for two years.

“Thanks to almighty God for the blessing for me to finalize my course. I have learned a lot during two years period. I took an Indonesia course and finished my internship in some companies in Indonesia before continue my online study during the pandemic,” She said.

Ms. Sarmento said the two years study was focused on 30% of theory and 70% practical, therefore students have got enough opportunity to learn.

The graduation was held twice, the first group composed of 14 the ceremony held at the CCI, and the second group composed of 7 students graduated in Sao Miguel room in Tasi Tolu.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario


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