MoH inaugurates Emergency room of Comoro Health Center

MoH inaugurates  Emergency room of Comoro Health Center

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DILI, 01 october, 2021 (TATOLI)- Minister of Health, Odete Maria Freitas Belo inaugurates the Emergency room in Health Center Comoro to ensure patients are safe within existing service.

Minister of Health, Odete Maria Da Silva Belo Viegas said, Timor-Leste needs more support from all development partners, particularly in the health sector to deal with covid-19. 

“I thanked the government of Australia through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DEFAT) that has provided financial support to rehabilitate the Comoro emergency room,” Minister of Health, Odete Maria Da Silva Belo Viegas told reporters in Comoro, Dili, this Friday.

The Counselor for Human Development Representing of the Australian Embassy, Carli Shillito said that Australia is standing in commitment to support Timor-Leste. The current support is focused on health assistance and ensure all Timorese are in safe health.

“Australia is honored to help Timor-Leste in many sectors and especially in Health Sector, the support is provided in coordinating with Maluk Timor and Ph.D., funding by DEFAT with the amount of 50.000 USD for the health emergency room rehabilitation project,’’ Said Carli Shillito.

It is required for the extension of the health project rehabilitation in other municipalities across Timor-Leste. Thus the project should be included on the Partnership Human Development Assessment (HPD) before it begins.

At the same place, The Executive Director of Maluk Timor, Dr. Natarajan Rajaraman, said CHC is a key health facility in Comoro, the health center provides a vital service to a population over 160.000 in the western half of Dili including Tasi Tolu.

Maluk Timor is an Australian and Timorese NGO motivated to advance primary healthcare in Timor-Leste by a sense of kinship with the Timorese people, therefore the rehabilitation project is agreed upon after the assessment is done.

“The rehabilitation project was held in 2 and half months and today the health emergency’s room is inaugurated by MoH,” he said.

Dili municipality Heath Service, Mrs. Agostinha Da Costa Segurado extends his gratitude to the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the DEFAT Australia to provide financial support on the Emergency rehabilitation project in Comoro.

“It is vital to support that help health professional staff to provide health service to the patients,” he said.

According to Segurado, Comoro Health Center (CHC) also received some health equipment from “Maluk Timor NGO” comprising, tension machines, tables, gloves, masks, and books for medical records.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario


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