EU Observer delegation visits CNE discuss the preparation for 2022 presidential election

EU Observer delegation visits CNE discuss the preparation for 2022 presidential election

DILI, 25 october 2021(TATOLI) – Chief of the European Union (EU) Delegation of Exploratory Mission, Cristina Alves, said today the EU Delegation of Exploratory Mission met with the National Election Commission (CNE) to hear the preparation for the 2022 presidential election.

“We were sent by the EU in Brucella to meet with the Institutions that handle the General Election, we are not an Observer mission but we are Delegation of Exploratory Mission, our objective in Timor – Leste is to meet the CNE, Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration ( STAE), and other institutions that handle the elections and the leaders of Timor-Leste to hear their ideas,” Cristina Alves told reporters in CNE ‘ s Office Caikoli Dili, today.

Cristina added that all opinions, preparations, and difficulties which are faced by Timor-Leste in conducting the 2022 Presidential election will be analyzed and made a report, submitted to the EU Center in Bruxelles for analysis and after that, the EU Center will decide the delegation of the EU Observer to Timor-Leste directly monitor the 2022 Presidential Election which will be held in March.

In the same place President of CNE Jose

Belo said Timor-Leste faced several problems during the preparation saying these problems included geographical problems, road access, transportation, security, and others.

“I have updated them the problem that we encountered as well as the preparation to avoid the electoral fraud,” said Belo.

Belo added that other preparations that have been made by CNE are civic education which is done in schools to socialize the election process to new voters to increase participation in the 2022 presidential election and 2023 parliamentary general election.

He said that until now around 8000 new voters have registered at STAE to take part in the 2022 Presidential election and the upcoming 2023 Parliamentary Election.

Belo thanked the EU’s s Delegation of Exploratory Mission for taking the initiative to hear about the preparations and problems which are faced by Timor – Leste before sending the election observers to ensure the transparency of the presidential election in Timor – Leste.

Previously the Director-General of the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration ( STAE), Acilino Branco revealed that the Delegation of Exploratory Mission from the European Union (EU) will arrive in Timor – Leste next week to analyze Timor-Leste’s preparations for the upcoming presidential elections.

The team is composed of 20 people who receive support from the Timorese Government in their work, both at the national and municipal levels.


Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor:Nelia Borges


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