MoSSI commemorates National Women’s Day

MoSSI commemorates National Women’s Day

DILI, 8 november 2021 (TATOLI) – The Ministry of Social, Solidarity, and Inclusion (MoSSI) commemorates National Women’s Day, with the theme “Women’s leadership in strengthening democratic governance to contribute to inclusive development.”

National Women’s Day was commemorated with the participation of more than 250 women from different women groups in Timor-Leste.

Speaking at the commemoration, the Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Social Solidarity and Inclusion, Armanda Berta dos Santos said: “I would like to congratulate all Timor-Leste’s women on this special day.”

“This special commemoration aims to recognize the contribution of women in national development,” Santos made the comments in her opening remarks at the commemoration of National Women’s Day, at MoSSI’s in Dili, on Monday.

Santos called on all relevant entities to protect women from all forms of discrimination in the communities and societies.

She said women and men can work together to create equality: “Timor-Leste had ratified the Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.”

The Convention provides the basis for realizing equality between women and men through ensuring women’s equal access to, and equal opportunities in, political and public life.

All relevant entities should work hard to reach our goal to ensure equality for all Timorese women and girls in Timor-Leste, Santos said.

At the same place, one of the speakers at the seminar, the Dean of Faculty of the Social Science and Politics of the National University of Timor-Lorosa’e (UNTL), Camilo X. Almeida congratulated MoSSI and all women across the country, adding so far, MoSSI had been led by women.

In addition, another speaker at the seminar, Carmeneze dos Santos Monteiro also call all communities to work together to end all forms of violence against women.

“Let’s say no to discrimination against women and inequality. Let’s stand together to say yes to equality and social inclusion in Timor-Leste,” Monteiro said.

She said celebrating National Women’s Day is important to recognize the importance of the contribution of women to the sociocultural and politics of the nation.

“National Women’s Day is a special day for us to pay attention to gender equality in our society,” said Monteiro.

The Government had decided November 3 as a national day for Timorese women to honor the death of the national heroine, Maria Tapo, who passed away on November 3: “Tapo represents all Timorese women who dedicated and sacrificed themselves among many heroes during Timor-Leste’s 24-year resistance.

Journalist: Filomeno Martins

Editor: Nelia Borges Rosario


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