Funeral mass for late Max Stahl held today at St Stephen’s Cathedral in Brisbane, Australia

Funeral mass for late Max Stahl held today at St Stephen’s Cathedral in Brisbane, Australia

(Image/ Cathedral of St Stephen, Brisbane)

DILI, 12 november, 2021 (TATOLI)- The Family and the Relevant Entities realized a funeral mass for the late British Journalist and Filmmaker, Christopher Wenner known as “Max Stahl” at St Stephen’s Cathedral in Brisbane, Australia.

The Mass was held at 10 am this Friday, November 12. The date coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Massacre at Santa Cruz cemetery in Dili, East Timor.

Ahead of the mass, Max Stahl’s wife Ingrid Bucens read a history about Max Stahl and described the late husband Stahl as a good father who was always looking for a positive education for a better future for his children and also a person who was brave and fought for violence against human rights.

“We consider him as aspirator in living life during his profession as a photographer and even tough in fighting cancer until the end of his life. Nothing compared to what he has done,”Ingrid said.

The Funeral mass for Max was presided by Fr Martinho da Costa along with Deacon Gary Stone.

During the mass homily Fr. Martinho Da Costa said that today mass is to give respect for Max Stahl for his contribution, sacrifice, and all dedication to Timor-Leste independence: “Today we are here to celebrate the thanks giving for him with what he had shared for the other and us,”

“He was at the risk of life while Timor-Leste was under the difficult situation especially on 12 November 1991, the footage images were spread to the world and opened the eyes on international community might be known Timor-Leste is seeking for the justice and freedom for our people,”

In the same time Deacon, Gary Stone described Max as a virtuous man as a peacemaker who did good things to the rest of people with power to overcome devils.

“Max inspire us to realize that how one person can change the course of history by having the courage to bring out the truth, bring out the light, so we certain that on the Max’s day, He is a peacemaker as virtues man as we heard in the scriptures who did with to the rest of us with power to overcome evils. His light has shone to inspire us all,”

Deacon Stone said Many years ago max was born out of heaven and given a mission and deployment to life on earth, his parents was shoulder and he was baptized and confirmed and receive the Christian education and raised wonderful family, and Max live a life of service to serve others and give his life for all.

“He rents that raise of a life well untill his body was laid to rest. Today help us to remain the body that max soul has lifted in, and two weeks ago, the real max the soul of max went through the door of heaven and was greeted by all those gone before him and they welcome him home, his deployment, he was completed. Of course, as hours continue we have to leave out his legacy, am sure Max would want us to serve humanity well, am sure he would want us to join him one day,” he said.

Deacon Gary Stone said a message of Gospel said God calls everyone to love their neighbor:” The reason why Jesus came among the Christian because faith is just not us, like Max we need to be in the mission to make the world a better place, special for those in a need. That is the message of the gospel,”

“Loving God through caring for our neighbor as fundamental mission and life purpose as a human being, Jesus didn’t come to make the holy, he might come to bring us the fullness of life,” he added.

As he finished his homily, Deacon Gary Stone at the same place read out Max’s last words which he raised saying “Sometimes dignity can change the world, I thanked the people who resisted without a lung in what seems like hopeless cores and show that faiths really can moves mountain and inspire values that can be share for the generation, from the mountain to the city, from a small iland abandoned and forgotten the world can conquer arrogant and murder and against all odds. the spirit and the sacrifice of the young people of st Cruz free the nation and become the hope in the world that full of the fear.” A last word of Max.

Relevant News:http://www.tatoli.tl/en/2021/11/09/cn12-requests-the-government-inter-the-ashes-of-late-maxs-stahl-at-santa-cruz-cemetery/

Following the information posted from the wife of Late Max Stahl, The ashes of Stahl will be interred at the Santa Cruz Dili in mid-December.

The Mass was attended by the Ambassador of Timor-Leste to Australia, Ines Almeida, the Timor-Leste Community in Australia, and other relatives of Max Stahl.

Relevant News:http://www.tatoli.tl/en/2021/10/28/british-journalist-max-stahl-dies-aged-66/

 Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B. R


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