TANE: Several supermarkets raise the prices of basic products during the Christmas season

TANE:  Several supermarkets raise the prices of basic products during the Christmas season

The president of TANE, António Ramos

DILI, 21 december 2021 (TATOLI) – The Timor-Leste Consumer Protection Association, TANE, has identified shops and supermarkets that increased the prices of essential products in the capital.

The president of TANE, António Ramos, explained that the association is surveying to inform the public about product prices.

“TANE plays an important role in the value of food price data, especially before Christmas. The data is collected every quarter,” Ramos informed Tatoli Today at Vila Verde.

Ramos called on all dealers who won solidarity and made product prices more accessible on Christmas Day, stressing that residents should pay attention to prices and product validity in stores.

“The public can file a complaint if it detects a product in a store for validity to TANE, which will be forwarded to the relevant agency,” he suggested.

TANE economist, Albertina Soares Rodrigues, said the association surveyed 19 shops in the administrative posts of Na’in-Feto, Vera Cruz, and Dom Aleixo.

“The price of basic needs went up 50 cents, for example, a two-liter bottle of oil, which costs three dollars and fifty cents, rose to four US dollars. Wheat, rice, and other products have also increased in the prices,” said Rodrigues.

According to Data recorded from TANE, some shops and supermarkets sell their products with the price two or three times higher than in other places. They have recorded that 580 grams of apple which cost a dollar at the Seara supermarket in Bairro Central and four dollars and fifty cents at the W Four in Hudi Laran.

The same thing happened with a 2-liter bottle of oil, which used to cost $2.80 at Meimart in Audian, Comoro, and Fatuhada and at Centro Fresco, in Bidau, rising to four dollars. The greatest price variation can be seen, for example, in butter.


Journalist: Jesuína Xavier

Editor: Maria Auxiliadora

Translation:Jose Belarmino de Sa


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