WHO-MoH provides comprehensive on Dengue prevention to all community in Dili

WHO-MoH provides comprehensive on Dengue prevention to all community in Dili

WHO Representative – Dr Arvind Mathur.

DILI, 20 january 2021 (TATOLI) – World Health Organization (WHO) and Minister of Health (MoH)  provided comprehensive dengue control and response for the community in Dili to avoid the outbreak of dengue.

The WHO Representative to Timor-Leste, Dr. Arvind Mathur said WHO also collaborates with the Minister of Health is focused on sharing information on community comprehensive on dengue control and response to dengue cases.

The World health organization is standing with the Minister of Health on providing comprehensive dengue prevention.

“WHO is offered technical support for communication of dengue prevention through the official website of WHO, Facebook, television, radio, and online media. WHO wants to convey the preventive massive,” The WHO Representative to Timor-Leste, Dr. Arvind Mathur told reporters at Novo Turismo, 20 january, this thursday.

“To ensure community awareness of dengue prevention, WHO and the Minister of Health are providing dengue prevention campaigns,”  he added.

It, in accordance with WHO, helps the community in increasing their comprehensive on dengue issue which is a risk for public health.

The campaign is an initiative of WHO to involve all people to actively participate in cleaning activities in community living areas.

“People must ensure no stagnant water outside or inside community houses. People also must have Comprehensive rubbish management to avoid the mosquito’s outbreak,” Arvind Mathur said.

WHO is working closely with the Minister of Health for providing technical support, focusing on dengue prevention training.

The Minister of Health has conducted training for Doctors and nurses across Dili. The training is focused on patient treatment management for dengue.

It is a refreshing training, which is managed for the patients who are suffering from dengue disease in hospitals in Dili.

It is known that WHO also has handed over 10.000 dengue diagnostic cases for the Minister of Health. WHO has provided Malathion 350 boxes, composed of 500 liters of Malathion dengue mosquitoes to MoH.

WHO has provided support on procurement 200.000 USD. The fund will be more for dengue cases, it is necessary.

WHO also just handed over Abate for Minister of Health to distribute to the community to put in the water to kill the darwa to avoid dengue disease.

Mr. Arvind Mathur calls on all people on their individual action to prevent dengue and other infectious diseases.

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Journalist: José Belarmino

Editor: Rafy Belo


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