MMT and IADE support women entrepreneurs through literacy training

MMT and IADE support women entrepreneurs through literacy training

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DILI, 28 january 2021 (TATOLI) – Marry Mackillops (MMT) and The Institution of Support Entrepreneurs (IADE) signed a letter of agreement to empower women in business literacy training.

Country Director Marry MacKillop, Alipio Baltazar said the main purpose of signing the MoU between Marry MacKillop’s and IADE was to ensure training activities were provided for rural women’s groups in the municipality of Ermera.

This signature ceremony is carried out to ensure the sustainability of rural women’s groups because women still lack knowledge and ability in business groups.

“We continue to support women’s cooperative groups to gain experience in this business. All members must have sufficient capacity to run their business in the long term,” Marry MacKillop Country Director Alipio Baltazar told the report in the Marry MacKillop meeting room, in Becora, on January 28, this Friday.

Having shown good progress, in 2020 this group turned into a cooperative group with 70 members, consisting of women and men. The cooperative can increase the capital to 10,000 USD.

There are currently a total of 18 multispectral groups and 665 members in five villages in Ermera, consisting of Agriculture, Business and Credit, and others.

EIDA Executive Director, Filomeno Marcelino Belo said this agreement is done to provide technical assistance, such as training for women entrepreneurs and capacity building for women’s groups in Ermera.

IADE provides three types of training which are basic, intermediate and advanced training. However, stressed that more training particularly basic business and financial management training is required to be offered.

“More training is needed, such as Financial Management, transparency, and accountability are most needed after evaluating the impact of the training program,”

Mr. Francisco hopes that this training will help enhance their knowledge to become women entrepreneurs.

It is known that several groups of women have been running their businesses since 2020. However, they still lack knowledge about literacy, mathematics, and accounting.

Merry Mackillop has been supporting rural women entrepreneur groups in the municipality of Ermera, since 2018.


Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Nelia B


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