CCYC provides various life skills training to develop youth and child knowledge

CCYC provides various life skills training to develop youth and child knowledge

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DILI, 03 february 2021 (TATOLI) – Comoro Child Youth Center (CCYC) provides various training programs for children and youth for life skills. It helps to develop children and young people’s knowledge.

Director of CCYC, Jezito Isidoro Freitas said CCYC English, Portuguese, Computer, Administration and hospitality, Information and Technology (IT) courses.

“Mostly, young people are the main target becoming victim, the impact of drank; smoking causing for health and it is required for a healthy relationship between boy and girls,”  The CCYC Director, Jezito Isidoro Freitas told TATOLI Agency in his office, at Comoro, this thursday.

Besides that, CCYC also, according to him, provides three main programs in 2022. There are Youth Health Promoting, the impact of cigarettes on youth, and healthy relationships.

Children also gain some programs like Animation, Drama, Literacy, and Sport. These programs can develop the effectiveness of children’s brains.

CCYC is coordinating with some local leaders such as Dom Aleixo and Na’in Feto and Vera Cruz. The corporation is to involve CCYC members in cleaning activities in each village. It ensures a clean environment and even fights against dengue outbreaks.

The output of the CCYC program for children and young people shows a good impact on society. Most of the participants were able to change their behavior, especially avoiding cigarettes and consuming alcohol.

The Life Skill program transforms people to create creative people to become language facilitators, recycling, and agriculture. The agriculture program is linked with women’s creative groups in rural areas.

CCYC has an internal financial amount of 10.855.80 cents. Thus, CCYC also got financial support from partners of 163.737. 50. The amount has been used from 2021 until the end of march 2022.

All programs are supported by the Secretary of State of Youth and Sport (SSYS), GIZ, and KOICA.

CCYC is registered with 90 trainees and eight program facilitators.

It is known that the validity of CCYC’s operation certification is on 23, September 2021. Since it was registered at INDMO on 23 september 2021.

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Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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