MOP boosts rehabilitation for devastation infrastructure affected by calamity situation

MOP boosts rehabilitation for devastation infrastructure affected by calamity situation

The Minister of public works, Abel Pires da Silva and the MOP’s vice, Nicolau Lino Freitas Belo held a meeting together with the MOP’s directors at the rooms of the MOP on this monday (28/03). Tatoli’s image//Francisco Sony

DILI, 28 march 2022 (TATOLI)- Minister of Public Work (MOP) is accelerating the rehabilitation of infrastructure that has been damaged by the Calamity Situation, as the process works very slowly.

The Minister of MOP, Abel Pires da Silva is officially giving the instruction to the relevant department of Public Work to intensify the rehabilitation of projects that have been delayed.

“It is the first time having a meeting with all directors from different departments. MOP wants to know further project implementation and even evaluate the project, especially for rehabilitation projects,” the Minister of Public Work, Abel Pires da Silva said in his remark at MOP’s meeting room, 28 march, this monday.

He added that to ensure the rehabilitation process is working effectively needed to establish the Calamity department under the management of minister work.  It is focused on rehabilitation for areas at risk of flood devastation.

Mr. Silva wants to implement a policy involving all people to help normalize the water flows to minimize the flood’s risk for people’s life.

He emphasized that to reduce the effect of the calamity situation MOP also can be organized for reforestation around the hills and close the side of the river to prevent the landslide.

The project construction is more required for rehabilitation of road, bridges, and drainage water system rehabilitation. The project has been renewed however it has been delayed since Timor-Leste hit flood on 4 april, in 2021.

MOP has identified that it is lacking coordination between departments to focus on rehabilitation infrastructure composed of bridges and roads.

Vice Minister of Public Work, Nicolau Lino Freitas Belo said that MOP has identified the infrastructure devastated by the calamite situation composed Rivera site on Becora Terminal, Bidau Metiaut, Becussi Bridges, Becora Market, Maloa Bridge, Ai-tarak laran, Manleuana, and Tasitolu.

It is also known that some of the major damages in the municipality are roads in the main road Dili to Baucau (Bucoli). Mota Masin bridges, Ermera main road, and more others that suffer from major damage by floods.

The Vice Minister of Public Work, Nicolau Lino Freitas Belo said in 2021 National Parliament has approved 65 Million USD for the calamity Situation. Thus, the finances were not well executed due to Covid-19 disease and lack of human resources. The budget comes from the Minister of Public work and Infrastructure fund.

It is new to find approval for the amount of 17 million USD in 2022. Thus, the amount is decided by BTL and Electricity Institutions.

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Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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