Cipriano Felix Unipessoal guarantees increased production of coconut oil

Cipriano Felix Unipessoal guarantees increased production of coconut oil

Arsénio da Costa Pinto, the director of the company Cipriano Felix Unipessoal (Photo Tatoli/Jesuina Xavier)

DILI, 05 april 2022 (TATOLI) – The company Cipriano Felix Unipessoal, Lda intends to increase the amount of coconut oil production, in case the number of buyers increases.

“The company is available to increase the production of coconut oil, but is afraid of producing in excess. The high supply and low demand end up harming the company’s performance, making it difficult to pay the salaries of its employees”, explained the company’s director, Arsénio da Costa Pinto, to Tatoli, adding that 30 to 40 metric tons of oil is based on buyers’ needs.

For the official, the high demand and supply contribute to the reduction of the price of the product in question.

The businessman also underlined the importance of the Executive promoting coconut oil, through the Basic Basket Program, in order to support producers in the primary sector, in addition to increasing the company’s revenues.

Each 150 milliliter bottle of coconut oil costs five US dollars.

Cipriano Felix Unipessoal produces more than 100 metric tons of virgin oil per year

Souro Coconut Oil is a product brand of Cipriano Felix Unipessoal, Lda. This product already circulates in the national market and is also exported.

The company annually produces more than 100 metric tons of coconut oil from Lautém.

Arsénio da Costa Pinto, Director of Cipriano Felix Unipessoal, Lda, told Tatoli on january 12 this year that the company buys the raw material, coconut, from the population of Lautém.

“We covered the entire area of ​​the Municipality of Lautém so that we could buy the product from the farmers. Each coconut is worth ten cents.”

This company employs 60 people from various municipalities, 39 women and 21 men, with a minimum wage of 150 US dollars.

The company distributes around 700 to 800 bottles of oil through Leader and farmer’s stores, depending on orders. Each bottle of Soro Coconut Oil contains 150 milliliters, sold at five US dollars.

The businessman also explained that the oil can be used in food, for example, in the preparation of vegetables, and in body massages.

For Arsénio, the biggest challenge is to increase distribution, as the company has more than 30 tons in storage.

The company has cooperated with Lospalos Coconut Oil Having already exported the product to Australia twice.

“In the future, we will export the product to Singapore and the United States of America. The company is dealing with export documents,” he said.

The director pointed out that the company obtained a soft credit from the program of the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry and the National Bank of Commerce of Timor-Leste in the amount of US$25,000 to reinforce the production of virgin coconut oil, among other activities. .

The company’s activity began in 2018. The idea to produce coconut oil came when the entrepreneur worked for ten years in a company in England. “I observed the raw material of the company dedicated to agriculture, so I decided to return to Timor-Leste and work in this area”, he recalled.

“I partnered with two Australians, at the beginning, in 2018, to produce coconut oil. My partner offered me a contract, but I didn’t accept it and decided to create my own company in my suco (juice)”, he added.

In october 2019, when the President of the Republic officially opened the company, the Australian partner handed Arsénio the oil production company to develop it.

The entrepreneur asked all young people to be more creative and independent in the productivity sector. “If young people don’t start planting, they won’t reap the fruits”, he concluded.

This company also develops the area of ​​community tourism in Souru-Lautem and invests in agriculture as well as creating the people’s store.

Journalist: Jesuína Xavier

Translator: José Belarmino de Sá

Editor: Maria Auxiliadora/Rafy Belo


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