UNESCO appreciates partners for providing the training to teachers in municipalities

UNESCO appreciates partners for providing the training to teachers in municipalities


DILI, 07 april 2022 (TATOLI)—The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) appreciated Mathematics and Science Center (MSC) for providing training for teachers at the municipality level.

The capacity building is supported by the National Institute for Teacher Training and Educational Professions (INFORDEPE). The training is focused on science and mathematics.

Timor-Leste National Commission for UNESCO explained that the training was design thinking under the UNESCO project on “Strengthening Science and Mathematics for Primary Education Cycles 1 and 2 in Timor-Leste” supported by the Government of Japan.

Director of Education for the Municipality of Covalima, Edmundo Pereira, considered this training as a good opportunity for all to enhance their knowledge and focus on science and mathematics.

According to him, the teachers have been teaching for many years. It is a great time for teachers to enhance their knowledge.

The training activities are officially implemented in two municipalities composed of Covalima and Viqueque. The training program is implemented from 04 to 08 april 2022.

The training is beneficial to the science and mathematics teachers. All participants are teachers who are teaching mathematics and science.

“I consider it is a good opportunity for all of us, and we will get clearer information about the training,” Edmundo at the opening of the training at the Suai Covalima Public High School said in an official statement released that is accessed by Tatoli today.

The representative of UNESCO Jakarta, Ai Sugiura thanked SESIM and INFORDEPE. The appreciation was also offered to the education department in Covalima, for organizing the training project.

UNESCO has achieved many things since the project Steering Committee 1 Meeting in September 2020, among others, by conducting a teacher baseline survey and student baseline tests for Science and Mathematics cycles 1 and 2.

“We have conducted online master trainer training with our Japanese partners in 2021. MSC and INFORDEPE have started providing teacher training in all cities since 2022,” said UNESCO Jakarta Representative via Video Conference.

He emphasized that before the end of this project UNESCO had carried out printing and distribution of supplementary materials in all municipalities as well as the installation of Science and Mathematics labs directly in 9 municipalities.

This training program will be conducted in eleven other municipalities such as Dili, Aileu, Ainaro, Baukau, Bobonaru, Ermera, Lautem, Liquiça, Manatuto, Manufahi, and RAEOA with a total of 1223 teachers participating.

The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Armindo Maia thanked UNESCO and KNTLU.

The Government of Japan is provided financially to improve the quality of science and mathematics education for teachers and students.

“The science and mathematics is very low level as the student considers both subjects are very difficult. The teacher faced difficulty teaching students,” he said.

The official hopes that through this training the teachers can get a new methodology inspired by the Japanese methodology so that it can make the class more interesting.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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