Telkomcel offers two units of mosquito fogging machines to MoH

Telkomcel offers two units of mosquito fogging machines to MoH

Telkomcel offers two units of mosquito fogging machines to MoH. Tatoli's image/Francisco Sony

DILI, 13 april 2022 (TATOLI)- An Indonesian telecommunication operator agency in Timor-Leste namely Telkomcel offered today two units of mosquito fogging machines to the Timor-Leste’s Government through the Minister of Health (MoH).

The Telkomcel Vice president of marketing and Sales, Heru Yulianto said Telkomcel has a care program and it’s focused on social and health issues. It is providing some assistance to support the Timor-Leste’s Government through the MoH to combat against Covid-19 outbreak and dengue fever issues.

 “Due to the crucial issues of health happen in Timor-Leste, Telkomcel is presented to support the Minister of Health in responding to the disease which affects public health,” the Telkomcel’s Official told reporters at the Minister of Health meeting room, Caicoli-Dili, this wednesday.

In 2021, Telkomcel provided a ventilator for respiratory infection to save people’s life due to the Covid-19 disease.  It also included Covid-19 equipment rapid tests and one ambulance.

Today, Telkomcel offers more support composed of two units of fogging machines to help the Timor-Leste’s Government on combating dengue issues which are very dangerous for the people.

It is known that Telkomcel has spent about 50 thousand USD to procure those materials.

On this occasion, the Vice Minister of Health, Bonifacio Mau Coli Dos Reis granted appreciation for Telkomcel. This telecommunication operator is considered as one of the important partners that makes sense on the care of health issues.

The Minister of Health recognized that Timor-Leste is currently facing two main issues composed of Covid-19 and dengue fever.

According to the Bulletin, Epidemiologic data shows on 10 abril 2022 total cases of dengue fever are 4124, and 50% of fatality. It means that the fatality rate has reached 1.21%.

Mr. Dos Reis added that the majority of cases happen in Dili municipality, Baucau, and Manatuto. Mostly dengue is happening in all municipalities in Timor-Leste including on RAEOA Oe-cusse Ambeno.

The data shows that the number of 225 cases is crucial to increase in december 2021.  In january 2022 and the beginning of april slightly reducing the number to 245 cases.

MoH expects that the efforts from all parts are able to contribute to reducing the number of dengue fever.

Journalist: José Belarmino De Sá

Editor: Rafy Belo


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