EU-UNDP and MoF sign an agreement to implement the PFM project

EU-UNDP and MoF sign an agreement to implement the PFM project

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DILI, 21 june 2022 (TATOLI) – The European Union (EU) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) together with the Ministry of Finance (MoF) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to build the capacity of the municipal civil servants about the Public Financial Management (PFM).

The Representative of UNDP Residence to Timor – Leste, Munkhtuya Altangerel, said this initiative is part of the broader support being provided by the European Union to Timor – Leste and the UNDP the Projects “Strengthening integral local development by building the capacities of the municipal authorities in Timor – Leste’’.

“Following the MoU UNDP will support the MoF to customize the existing PFM modules into the municipal context and translate them into the digital format which will be hosted in an e-learning platform” Representative of UNDP Residence Alatangerel, told TATOLI after the Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the United Nation Development Programme and the Ministry of Finance Timor – Leste in Aitarak Laran, Dili on tuesday.

He added that to implement this program, the Institute of Business, a local university will do the customization and translation to Tetun of the training modules. The UNDP will support technical support in the process and the MoF will be the custodian of the E-learning modules.

The Head of Cooperation and Delegation of the European Union and Acting Ambassador of EU in Timor – Leste, Ramón Reigada, said European Union in Timor – Leste observes that the service of the public servant at the municipality level is very minimum, and therefore EU wishes to support budged through the partner of UNDP in Timor – Leste to build the capacity of the municipal civil servants in Public Financial Management to serve the communities in municipalities with professionally.

“The European Union‘s support to the Decentralization and Deconcentration process in Timor – Leste corresponds to a total of 15 million euros (nearly USD 17 million) and most of the funds go directly to the Timorese treasury account 11. 25 million euros (USD 12 million) in direct budget support, while 3.25 million euros (USD 35 million) goes to the complementary support implemented by UNDP (USD, 0,4 million). In regards to the capacity-building component of the complementary support, the EU aims, in particular, to strengthen at the municipal level the capacity to deliver better public services to its citizens. This initiative will benefit greatly from an e-learning approach, will allow public servants to access specialized training according to their schedule and learning pace,’’ he said.

At the same place, Vice Minister of Finance, Antonio Freitas in his speech stated that the ongoing PFM reforms led by the MoF (Police Reform Office) aim to further strengthen the financial transparency in the public sector, which on the capacity-building side aims to build the PFM competencies to develop the public servants’ skills, knowledge and attitude.

The PFM unit has provided training to various Government Agencies from different ministries, and autonomous institutions, training at the national level and even at the regional and districts level.

“I am pleased to sign this MoU with UNDP regarding the enhancing capacity of the municipal public servants in the area of Public Financial Management. UNDP has been a close partner of the Government of Timor – Leste in providing the capacity building and development support,’’ he said.

This support is much needed and timely and the Ministry welcomes this initiative.

“Therefore, on behalf of the Government of Timor – Leste I thanked the European Union for financing this program. EU has been a major donor in our PFM work too and thanked UNDP, for continued support to the Government of Timor – Leste in particular to the Ministry of Finance of Timor – Leste,’’ The Vice Ministry of Finance, Antonio Freitas, Concluded.

Journalist : Camilio de Sousa

Editor : Nelia Borges



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